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  • How concerned should the Lakers be about this Anthony Davis injury last night?

  • And they're lost to the Nuggets?

  • It should be very concerned, because it's an Achilles, although it's a strain.

  • Um, not a tear.

  • And there will no more with MRI's conducted this afternoon in Minneapolis.

  • Bottom line is it's an Achilles.

  • And any time you got some issues with your Achilles, that is a reason to be concerned.

  • Period.

  • Let me ask you this.

  • Um, Yana said about Yanis is crazy e sitting up talking about the Jazz is the best team out West man.

  • Whatever.

  • He better try to get out of the East.

  • What do you think about that, e?

  • I agree with you.

  • Um I love Donovan Mitchell, but I'm not a believer in the Utah Jazz.

  • Uh, what I would tell you is this, uh, you could look good in the regular season.

  • You could look at this point if you look good early on and they folded.

  • The Milwaukee Bucks, led by Johannes, is a testament to that.

  • Uh, they were up 20 in the conference sponsors before folding four straight toe Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors last year.

  • They got buried by the Miami Heat.

  • Although it was in a bubble eso the last two years.

  • Even though he's the reigning league MVP, he's definitely had his issues.

  • Uh, Utah is formidable, particularly defensively.

  • This kid O Neill can defend, and we know that.

  • And Donovan Mitchell is a star.

  • We know that, uh, the best argument I think you could make for the Utah Jazz is that the likelihood is that they might end up being a top two seed in the Western Conference.

  • If that is the case, that means you go against the seventh or eighth see, which means they get out of the first round and then things could potentially be interesting.

  • But the way I view them, I cannot see them getting past, you know, out of the second round.

  • That's just how I view them.

  • I'm sorry I'm not sold on them like that.

  • Stephen A.

  • Let's go to the Eastern Conference for a second.

  • Somebody who's not a first seed, second seed, 34 seed, but actually 1/5 seed.

  • What the hell is going on in Boston?

  • Is it time that we put Brad Stevens on the hot seat because it feels like this team has a talent, but they don't have the sense of urgency to be the team that we expect him to be.

  • Well, you can.

  • You can make that argument.

  • The sense of urgency doesn't appear to be there.

  • That's fair.

  • What I would say, however, is that I'm just looking at them right now, and I think I think before I think about Brad Stevens, I think about Danny age and I think about Dani, ain't who you know was building a roster but has never really has never gone for it.

  • He's built a rocket through the draft.

  • You've got Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown.

  • You acquired Kemba Walker.

  • We get all of that.

  • Uh, you know, one could have argued they could have made a run for Anthony Davis.

  • They refused to do so just looking at them.

  • Right now, it seems like their window of opportunity has passed because they took, they had an opportunity to go forward and didn't do it.

  • Now they're they're relatively young squad.

  • I mean, Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum, both young and so because of that, you know what, Clearly they're not finished.

  • Andi, I guess that's the reason you could look at Brad Stevens because they got They've got enough quality players to be better than what they are.

  • But I still look at Danny Ainge because Danny Ainge, uh, you know, to me, hey was hesitant to be that guy that just went for it until he acquired KG Andre Allen the joint Paul Pierce because he was under pressure.

  • He was under the hot tea and then winning that championship in going to two finals in three years.

  • Ever since that time, people look at the roster that he's had in the hiring of Brad Stevens, who's a quality coach.

  • And they said, You know what?

  • He's good, We're good with Danny Ainge is one of the best executives and basketball, and I think because of that he hasn't felt any level of urgency.

  • And I think that before we get to Brad Stevens, we need to look at Danny age and his sense of urgency or lack thereof, because you got a point to that before you point to anything else.

  • Stephen A.

  • When I check out, I'm coming back as you just with a better hairline, so to speak, because right now you're the hardest man working hardest working man in show business.

  • You partnered up with NBA All Star Chris Paul on ESPN.

  • Plus, you guys got a docuseries coming out.

  • Why not us?

  • Explain to us what that is.

  • Well, CP three and ESPN asked me to come on board because, uh, the CP three has an incredibly incredibly close relationship with love.

  • Elmo is the head coach for North Carolina Central, and you know, this is a guy that has been an NCCU historically black college in North Carolina during North Carolina.

  • He's been there for the last 11 years.

  • His 1st 10 years and nine of those 10 years.

  • He won a conference title and he wants, uh, you want the regular season title, four regular season titles and four conference titles.

  • And what he's done with that program has been absolutely phenomenal.

  • And so Cp three wanted to highlight.

  • You know just what you have to go through just not at his basketball career, using his basketball program to really highlight really the plight of HBC use in terms of meeting funding and support what they're working against and still managing to succeed the way that this man has.

  • So through the lens of North Carolina Central University and specifically Coach Molten, we wanted to highlight some of the challenges that come along with overseeing an HBCU program and have, in spite of that, the talent that you have coming out there, the lessons that you've learned that transcend beyond the court of play per se and really talk about what this man brings to the table and how this is what the experience could be like.

  • It hbc use even now it is that way.

  • But imagine what it would be like if it received the support.

  • A t least half the support are predominantly white institutions throughout this country.

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How concerned should the Lakers be about this Anthony Davis injury last night?

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