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  • e don't dot, dot dot That's good.

  • What's this?

  • Oh, Joe's gun.

  • Look at thistle.

  • Greasy and dirty.

  • That's 16.

  • There we go.

  • Is this and this?

  • That this?

  • Let's see a little bad.

  • Oh, that's gonna be good stuff.

  • Okay, Now, let's see there where they keep the bullets in these things.

  • I'm not there.

  • What's this little thing here?

  • Oh!

  • Oh, goodness.

  • Yes.

  • That's okay.

  • We'll wash those two.

  • Oh, on this is the way.

  • Wash our gun, wash our gun, wash your gun.

  • This is the way wash our gun early in the morning.

  • That's gonna clean that out.

  • Really?

  • Really?

  • Well, that's fine.

  • Go ahead, make your bed.

  • Mhm, Ma.

  • What you doing?

  • My gun, Mom.

  • Nothing.

  • I cleaned it.

  • What mom?

  • Even clear in your mind it I mean, you took all the blowing off Clorox.

  • That's great, Mom.

  • If I use this gun is gonna blow up in my hand.

  • Now, try to do something helpful trying to do something nice and original.

  • Get bought that by a snapping turtle.

  • Come on, Fix.

  • Look, I'm sorry, Mom.

  • I'm sorry, really.

  • It's an old gun.

  • I don't use it anymore.

e don't dot, dot dot That's good.

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Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992) - Cleaning Joe's Gun Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

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