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  • So how about Derek Carr getting out of Las Vegas, where Gruden is perpetually unsatisfied with this quarterback and going to Chicago toe upgrade the position there?

  • Yeah, I think you could upgrade the position in Chicago with Derrick Carr.

  • But if I'm Derrick Carr don't wanna go to Chicago like they got a solid defense.

  • Uh, but it is a defense where it was two years ago.

  • Or is that Chuck Pagano's now retired and stepped down?

  • Is that defense?

  • Is Khalil Mack going to be Khalil Mack?

  • The problem that I have with guys that are quarterbacks like Derek Carr is that all of a sudden get with a Matt Nagy on offensive so called mind and they want to throw the ball everywhere.

  • They don't want to stick to a recipe for success.

  • They try to all of a sudden with a lack of weapons, try and make a quarterback like card.

  • Throw the ball 45 times a game, and that's how they wind up getting their head bashed in.

  • Instead of saying OK, we need to focus in on our defense and our running game, make that strong, and then just allow or quarterback to be efficient enough to win games and not try to justify why we traded for him or how much money he makes.

  • That's where you go wrong at.

  • In my opinion, when I look at the ultimate goal at the end of day is the win the Super Bowl.

  • But when I look at quarterbacks that have won the Super Bowl over the last, I'll just use 10 years.

  • Okay, just look at their playoff runs and then look at what they did in the Super Bowl and put those numbers together.

  • It just good dudes that don't make the mistake and turn the ball over.

  • It's not about 500 yards in the air.

  • It's about what you saw Tom Brady do very efficient and allowed them to run the ball with four net and Jones and play defense, and he didn't screw it up by turning the ball over.

  • He was very efficient.

  • That is how you win.

  • You go back and you even look it.

  • Even.

  • Look at even look in Kansas City.

  • When they wanted Patrick Mahomes were like Patrick, Mahomes threw for 400 yards.

  • He was just Patrick.

  • Mahomes did a good job, he he allowed.

  • They allowed San Francisco make a handful of missed aches.

  • They won the game, and I think if Chicago could figure out that type of quarterback they went, they went to the damn Super Bowl.

  • Rex Gross.

  • But I don't care if it was 17 years ago.

  • Rex Grossman, Aaron Rodgers.

  • Same amount of Super Bowls J.

  • What do you think about that?

  • You know the City of Chicago?

  • Well, keys got a type of guy that works for the monsters of the midway.

  • Yeah, I don't see Derek Carr as as a fit in Chicago.

  • Um, just because for for Derek Carr, look, it's his place in Las Vegas right now with the way they play.

  • A key serviceable.

  • And I don't think Las Vegas would would change anything unless they were to get upgrade from Derek Carr.

  • Unless you're able to get into Shawn Watson, right, I think he's serviceable.

  • I think John Green is going to stay with a guy like that.

  • I don't know why we aren't talking about Marcus Mariota going to the Bears.

  • I don't it's look, they're 18, half million over the cap, right?

  • When you think about he's the six highest cap hit on their salary.

  • So this allows them a lot of flexibility if they can use a guy like Marcus Mariota and I know that he's a former second overall pick.

  • But it's also a guy that feels like he needs to redeem himself, right, coming from the Tennessee situation, now, playing out there, being a backup, getting it started here and there into the lineup.

  • Like I feel like that's a guy that he has the talent, but also the mentality seems to be a little bit more blue collar.

  • He could go earn that in Chicago, and he does have that kind of pops off the papers, you know?

  • What are you willing to give me for Marcus Mariota if you're Chicago, we've done a deal already together with Khalil Mack.

  • So what are you willing to give me?

  • I got what you're looking for.

  • What's it worth to you?

  • Because you had a chance to sign him in free agency a year ago.

  • But you elected to go with Nick Foles instead.

  • Understand?

  • I mean, but that's something.

  • If you're Chicago, you have realistically think about you have What do you willing?

  • What is it worth to you to get me.

  • I mean to get me to give you Marcus Mariota.

  • It's gotta be a price.

  • And I mean, it's the same for Derek Carlo, right?

  • No, no, because they're, of course, my starter.

  • And if if you're trying to get my starter, that price goes up a little bit.

  • But if yeah, that's what I'm saying, it's the same thing.

  • We're talking about a deal between Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota to Chicago.

  • So it's the same thing.

  • A couple things I just mentioned on the way out the door here to Qi's point to bolster Keys.

  • Point about just needing a guy.

  • Keep in mind when Tom Brady play Drew Brees and the divisional round.

  • Tom Brady threw for 199 yards and they won when Tom Brady beat Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl 55 just the other day, Tom Brady threw for 201 yards.

  • That was enough to win.

  • Hey, Coach, I didn't do the research at all.

  • I just can't help the brain because you guys said he who's the guy Then?

So how about Derek Carr getting out of Las Vegas, where Gruden is perpetually unsatisfied with this quarterback and going to Chicago toe upgrade the position there?

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