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  • These are the heavily favored Nets, at least in most games that they're playing.

  • What about James Harden's new role, Kyrie Irving, saying as much that he and Harden decided a few days ago that Harden would play point guard Kyrie would play shooting guard.

  • According to second Spectrum, Harden had 88 passes on Saturday.

  • That's his most in a game in more than four years.

  • Harden also had 100 3 touches on Saturdays, most in a regulation game since joining the Nets.

  • On the other hand, Irving at just 63 touches.

  • That's his fewest since joining the Nets in a game.

  • We played at least 30 minutes, ESPN basketball analyst Monica McNutt.

  • Easy for me to say, is with us this morning on SportsCenter am Monica.

  • We know this Nets team.

  • They can score, right?

  • Okay, but you've seen their defense improve as of late.

  • How so?

  • Good morning, Scott.

  • Alright.

  • So yesterday they have this tall task of slowing Steph Curry.

  • They held him to two of nine.

  • Now, granted, some of that has to do with a little bit of luck.

  • But as a team, they held the Golden State Warriors to 26% from three, and I thought they did a tremendous job of staying connected and in their rotations on defense.

  • Let's check it out now.

  • Yesterday, you know that stuff is gonna garner a ton of attention here.

  • Jeff Green draws the assignment.

  • Here comes the screen.

  • Kyrie and Jeff stay, which is not ideal, but Luciano Anderson would have been in help should the past have gone to the slip.

  • He ultimately boxes out.

  • Excuse me, that's the wild.

  • Have room cleaning up the rebound, then Katie.

  • Alright, A Miss Love this effort getting back.

  • I'm not 100% sure Katie got that block or the rim, but the point is the effort.

  • And then here Kyrie way got a little mouse in the house.

  • Graiman is ready.

  • Ball up here.

  • Kyrie does a great job of defending without filing, just being solid and then James Harden eight rebounds on the night comes in finishes the play with the defensive rebound.

  • Alright.

  • Brooklyn is a lot of 105 points per game in the last two wins after giving up at least 120 in seven straight games.

  • Meanwhile, Monica, it is Valentine's Day, and we wanted to get into that spirits.

  • Um n b A Valentine themes here we're talking about.

  • Maybe those little little candy hearts with messages.

  • Give us both a team that you've been as the heart say crushing on lately and a team that's been breaking your heart Well, Scott, this crush is no secret.

  • I'm heavily crushing on the Utah Jazz.

  • You just heard the Lloyds mentioned it there.

  • Top four and offensive and defensive efficiency, and they're the best three point shooting team in the league now, mind you yesterday.

  • They struggle from behind the arc, but that doesn't matter.

  • They have so many different weapons both offensively and defensively, and they find a way toe win.

  • Gotta be arguably the most complete team in the league.

  • Now, as Faras heartbreak goes, you're breaking my heart, my home team, the Washington Wizards.

  • I mean, Bradley build is putting up monster numbers and it has not panned out.

  • It feels like just yesterday we were thrilled about the idea of Russell Westbrook and former M V P teaming up with Blue Magic and Bradley Field and the possibilities.

  • Thomas Bryant gets hurt.

  • Obviously, that stinks for the Wizards, but in general.

  • They just have not been able to stir this potion just right.

  • It's killing me.

  • They was a rob in Washington, a city that loves its basketball.

  • Washington sitting in last place in the East with the N B.

  • A second worst record.

  • McNutt.

  • We appreciate your insight.

  • New knowledge here on SportsCenter am.

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These are the heavily favored Nets, at least in most games that they're playing.

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What the Nets’ defense did well against the Warriors | SportsCenter

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