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  • many in the US keep looking back.

  • Political debate still rages in the days after the acquittal of former President Donald Trump for his role in the capital riot, he watched the impeachment proceedings from his new home in Florida.

  • It's a political battleground, the remains divided over Trump and the country's future flag.

  • Donald Trump is a hero to Willie Guardiola.

  • He lives a 30 minute drive away from the former president's home in Palm Beach.

  • He's never met Trump, but is a staunch supporter who doesn't believe he lost the election.

  • It's a big lie.

  • I still believe in him.

  • I still believe that he is the leader of this country.

  • I still refer to him as our president.

  • After leaving the White House, Trump has been living at Mara Lago.

  • This private club for the rich is set to be both his residence and headquarters that he doesn't want to be just another senior playing golf.

  • The head of the House Republican Conference has already paid him a visit.

  • Yet on this playground of millionaires and billionaires, people are wary.

  • Despite Trump's acquittal at this second impeachment trial, many rich neighbors and generous benefactors are now keeping their distance.

  • After the insurrection, things changed.

  • He became a dangerous, damaging character, and many people don't want any more to do with it.

  • That's why some people are our say they're leaving the club.

  • That many of more modest means are die hard Trump supporters.

  • Some call in daily to a conservative radio talk show hosted by Brian Mud.

  • There, people believe the impeachment trial was simply at Witch Hunt.

  • Al.

  • What say you?

  • Would you vote for Trump again?

  • Of course I would.

  • He shook things up in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • That's one of the reasons why they got rid of him.

  • There are many conservative media outlets in Florida, with hosts like Mud who want to continue supporting Trump's political future.

  • There's a lot of personal sacrifice there.

  • There are very few examples in modern times.

  • I think that are analogous to what we've seen with Donald Trump, and their faith in him hasn't wavered.

  • Every Friday, locals get together at this intersection.

  • Organizer Guardiola thinks Trump should simply dissolve the Republican Party, so come up with the new name, a face lift and bring in people who are gonna be loyal to America first, Trump second and, you know, put your hand on the Holy Bible and these people would love to be part of that new movement that supposedly will be launched soon from Trump's new headquarters in Florida.

  • D W correspondent Stefan Simons is in Washington, where he asks if people in the U.

  • S can come together again after the Trump years.

  • The walkways and streets around the U.

  • S.

  • Capitol are covered with a thin layer of ice.

  • Things are still frosty in Washington one day after the historical impeachment trial and acquittal off former President Donald J.

  • Trump the past week off drama and excitement in the capital right here is finally behind us.

  • The second impeachment and acquittal off Donald J.

  • Trump, now former President Donald J.

  • Trump, is also behind us.

  • Is it time to move on?

  • Democrats managed to get seven Republicans to vote with them to vote for a collection off Donald Trump for what happened here on January 6th.

  • But now it's all over.

  • And is it time to move on?

  • And if so, how?

  • I think there's a lot of ah lot that needs to be done before we can all hell from everything that's happened, so it's not over yet.

  • I don't think it's over.

  • It's time to move on yes, from the previous administration.

  • But it's still time to heal and go back to normal because we're not normal yet.

  • You have to move on.

  • But the thing is, I don't think he should have been impeached to stuff.

  • He's still looming, you know, and I'm just still don't just sit and discuss today.

  • He got to quit it.

  • You know, it's not like it's not right at all.

  • But moving on from Donald Trump won't be easy.

  • What the former president symbolizes and means politically for people on each side of the political spectrum is rather complex.

  • If the reasons that Trump became elected our gnome or I think the country will move on if they continue to exist, I don't really see how that happens here in the White House.

  • The Biden administration is quite delighted that the impeachment trial off Donald Trump is already over.

  • Why, because this administration needs the Senate needs.

  • The Republicans needs a functioning Senate to pass laws, toe actually push policies through the institutions off the United States of America.

  • And don't forget Joe Biden promised.

  • He will be the president who unifies the country, who helps the country to heal and who brings back Republicans and Democrats in a common effort to do good for this country.

  • I have to hope, hope that they're going to be working together and that it will be better.

  • I also don't think Donald Trump is, ah, unique thing that came up four years ago.

  • I think this has sort of been building up for a while and hopefully the country can move on.

  • I think it would be nice to heal the country, finally, after all this.

  • But I just think President Trump is just so vindictive that he's just not done.

  • He's he's just not done with or without Donald Trump in the picture.

  • Coming together politically is likely to remain a challenge for the country.

many in the US keep looking back.

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