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  • It reminds me off our credit card companies when they think they detect fraud and they'll freeze a credit card.

  • And now you're responsible for proving No, it's not fraud.

  • In fact, I'm traveling or something like that.

  • In other words, what they've done is farm out their work to you.

  • You're now working for the credit card company because those purchases would be insured if it was fraud, right?

  • So I get that.

  • I get that, and that's kind of bogus.

  • Hey, you know what?

  • Refs do your jobs, Stephen A.

  • The refs have a lot on their plate, and these are very competitive people who are looking to milk to juice every call, right?

  • I mean, it reminds me of even offensive players like James Harden, who the rule is there so that there's not contact.

  • James Harden manipulates the rule to draw contact and then gets the foul and goes to the line.

  • And to me, there should be rules in place against that because it's not the product you want, the foul calls or there.

  • So you get a clean game.

  • Not so the offensive players can manipulate it and then working to their advantage like like a like a hitter in baseball, working the count, trying to get on base e floppers.

  • No, by the whole team draw who draw a lot of walks in baseball.

  • And I don't I don't love that rule the rule in baseball there to get the picture, to throw strikes so you can see some action.

  • So I I get it.

  • I understand what the league is saying because they don't want a product where rules are being manipulated.

  • In order to achieve ER is Wait a minute.

  • Wait a minute.

  • Here's my response to that.

  • First of all, let's not forget I mean, Gary Trent Jr.

  • Who I like by the way I like a lot.

  • I love what he's doing on Portland.

  • One of the all time flops two weeks ago literally dove like he was Superman.

  • I mean, just another one of unbelievable.

  • It's like, Excuse me, technology.

  • I mean, we catch it, we see you're faking it, whatever.

  • But with all the instant replay, with all of going back to the video tape with all the delays that they force in the game, guess what.

  • You can always institute a rule if we go to the cameras.

  • And you know what?

  • You you too excessive with this?

  • With this flopping, we can accord you an additional foul.

  • We could do something that we could take away a time out.

  • We could do something that make it hurts the team.

  • If it's two flagrant, you could do that.

  • There are rules.

  • You get implemented, persuade certain things you could do that.

  • What wasn't LeBron's to flagrant?

  • Wasn't that a phantom nonsense?

  • You know, it gets to a point where the commission has got to say, Come on, guys, come on, let's play ball here.

  • Come on.

  • Tricks really are just straight up.

  • Ridiculous guys, Here's what I think.

  • I think we got All Star Weekend coming up in just a few weeks.

  • Let's take it a step further.

  • Let's let the guys show off what they've got.

  • Let's have a flopping contest.

  • A max Max, Call your man or Max.

  • Call your man Nick con and tell them to create something for W W E.

  • A couple of big enough to be in the squared circle.

  • Let him show up in the W W E and do some stuff.

  • I mean, please tell them to consult Ric Flair.

  • They got to consult the nature boy.

  • No down friend.

  • You've got to consult the nature.

  • He's got a consultant.

  • Okay, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN, plus.

It reminds me off our credit card companies when they think they detect fraud and they'll freeze a credit card.

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Is it fair to call LeBron a flopper? Stephen A. says a rule against flops could be made | First Take

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