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  • I'm Aimee Cowie and I'm a Digital Producer at Icelab.

  • Icelab is a web design and development company based

  • in Canberra and Melbourne.

  • We're a distributed team, so we're not location dependent.

  • With our remote work policy, which is

  • essentially that you can work from wherever you can

  • work from, we would probably have about two thirds

  • of the people in an office and one third of the

  • people working from home or overseas or while

  • travelling at any one time.

  • I think there are two components to successful

  • remote working.

  • One of them is technological and systemic,

  • and the other one is just your mindset.

  • So technologically it really means just a couple of things.

  • We use Slack as an online messenger tool.

  • We're in that all day every day.

  • And we use Trello for our task management

  • and project management.

  • I think the key thing is being contactable,

  • and that's what technology does for us.

  • I'm a Director of MKDC.

  • We are commercial interior designers and

  • project coordinators.

  • With the technology the team can be looking at the

  • same drawing together on the Surface Pro.

  • They can be marking it up and having a conversation.

  • So you don't actually have to be sitting next to them.

  • Sometimes Mia for example, one of her young children

  • might be unwell, have a cold, and she may have to

  • work from home on that given day.

  • They can dial in to the office via the VPN, and we

  • can really be anywhere and still be really connected.

  • When I do work from the coast or I do work from home,

  • I don't feel that I'm missing out.

  • All of our tools and our processes, they're very

  • well equipped for not having to be in an office.

  • And when you have a remote team, you're not over their

  • shoulder all the time looking at what they're doing.

  • The most important thing that you need to do is

  • change your mind about how it's going to work,

  • and then the other stuff is just execution.

  • ♪ (Music Playing) ♪

♪ (Music Playing) ♪

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