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  • Sean Payton has said that their future quarterback is in the building now.

  • That would mean either Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston, but he did say that before the season before all of these quarterbacks potentially air coming onto the market.

  • So what's the update?

  • What are their discussions going forward at quarterback?

  • We'll handle the Saints.

  • Have a desire to bring Jameis Winston back.

  • He's a free agent.

  • They've said it publicly, I'm told.

  • They've also said it privately to Winston's reps that they have an interest in resigning him.

  • I'm told Winston is intrigued by that.

  • He's also intrigued by the quarterback carousel in free agency.

  • He could wait this out.

  • Ah, lot of teams need homes.

  • Nearly half the league is unsettled of that position.

  • But I do expect some productive dialogue between the States and Winston for him to potentially come back and play with alongside Taysom Hill.

  • Now let's go.

  • Alex Smith in Washington.

  • I'm told that Alex Smith, after a great comeback year, going five and two down the stretch.

  • He does want to continue playing football.

  • He's leaning that way, but he's got a large cap hit.

  • Washington could save $13.6 million if they did move on.

  • And many people around the league believe their answer at quarterback is not in the building.

  • So maybe they could work something out with Smith.

  • But he does wanna play somewhere.

  • Let's finish with Carson Wentz now.

  • This is unresolved.

  • As far as a trade with the Eagles.

  • They're still looking into their options.

  • But this has hit a bit of a holding pattern.

  • I'm told some teams involved are thinking we can wait this out a little bit.

  • His guaranteed money is not due until mid March, so they can slow play this figure something out.

  • The Eagles wanted a big haul.

  • They didn't quite get it.

  • So it's back to the drawing board now.

  • Also keep in mind with the Eagles.

  • Zach Ertz, one of Carson Wentz, his favorite targets.

  • He is bracing for a release or a trade, a change of scenery at this point because he's got one year left on his deal at $8.25 million.

  • The Eagles could save all of that in salary cap space if they moved on.

  • So perhaps he could be involved in trade talks, or maybe a package with winds.

  • We'll see what the Eagles do.

  • A lot of options in Philadelphia.

  • Yeah, that's the way Arts was kind of alluding to at the end of the season that that might be it for him in Philly.

  • So let's move on to some wide receivers were so focused on these quarterbacks.

  • We have some wideouts hitting the free agent market, and I know that, Bruce Areas told Chris Godwin during that victory parade.

  • Hey, you're not going anywhere.

  • Where does that situation stand?

  • If you could start with Godwin, please, we'll handle.

  • The Bucks are prioritizing Godwin.

  • They want him back.

  • They believe he's a top level receiver and the franchise tag is on the table because it will probably fall between 15 and $16 million depending on where the salary cap sits on a one year pact.

  • They feel like they can deal with that.

  • They're trying to run it back with several options.

  • Shock Barrett, Lavonte, David Antonio Brown, Leonard Fournette.

  • It's gonna be difficult to keep all those guys, but the chances are pretty good that Godwin's in their plans.

  • They love him as a young player that they've drafted and developed.

  • Let's go to juju Smith Schuster.

  • Now the Pittsburgh Steelers will try to keep him there, at least have some talks with him.

  • It's gonna be tough with their salary cap situation.

  • Watch out for a team like the Las Vegas Raiders.

  • They're looking Thio to kind of get tougher overall in several spots.

  • They like Smith Schuster's game.

  • He'll have a pretty big market overall.

  • Several teams should be involved in him, but a lot of good receivers out there, including Will Fuller, who's moving on from Houston.

  • I believe the New York Jets, from what I'm hearing, are looking for yards after catch ability, speed on the perimeter.

  • Will Fuller will be one of those receivers they'll evaluate.

  • That brings that to the table on DSO, and I think they'll go that route.

  • Signing somebody could be Fuller, and this is a guy who caught eight touchdown passes last year from D Shawn Watson.

  • So maybe if Watson has traded fully will go wherever he goes.

  • He's caught 24 touchdowns during his five seasons there with the Texans, but again looks like another player leaving the proverbial sinking ship.

  • They're Cheramie Fowler.

  • Thanks.

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Sean Payton has said that their future quarterback is in the building now.

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