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  • the Oh, I'm doing 21 days in a hotel in Hong Kong.

  • Did you see one day, seven breakfast?

  • And I need to put on a mask.

  • Cold scrambles, cold, scrambled egg.

  • I've been living in Spain for six years, but the time has come to return home.

  • And so after 24 hours of flying, I'm pretty jet lagged.

  • The sharp rap on the door is not particularly welcome, but it does mean the breakfast has arrived.

  • I'm very lucky that I have a room that has a fantastic view looking right out over Darling Harbor.

  • It's gorgeous, and that really is a bonus.

  • I've just been reading emails and seeing what's going on in the news.

  • I've spent a bit of time on Facebook.

  • I've been sitting down and staring at a screen for a couple of hours now, so I am gonna lie on my bed.

  • And I read a book, right?

  • There's just been a knock on the door, so that can only mean lunch.

  • Let's see what they've delivered for me.

  • A beef rice and something. A bit of flavor to the rice. There she is.

  • And my wife is spoiling me. Let's see. Time for a bit of exercise.

  • Had a nice chat with my wife for a couple of hours, which always puts me in a good mood.

  • She brought me a nice coffee , and a little bit of cake, so I'm gonna have to do my best to work that off.

  • I try to do 1000 steps at a time.

  • My four or five walks around the room.

  • It's a routine based around exercise, chats with friends, finding a house, finding a car, finding a job.

  • Right. Done my exercise had a shower, caught up with some friends, watched a bit of trash TV, done a bit of reading, had my dinner.

  • Now, time for what I call my therapy.

  • I need to kind of wash my pajamas and T shirts.

  • I'm not gonna lie.

  • I've actually found it quite therapeutic to do my laundry in here.

the Oh, I'm doing 21 days in a hotel in Hong Kong.

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Inside a quarantine hotel - BBC News

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