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  • so the police have finally responded to the Brian for Mayor campaign.

  • And if you haven't been paying attention about two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon right when it began to snow, I was out campaigning to be your next mayor of London.

  • I was doing it in a digital manner, actually speaking to my phone the same way I am right now.

  • And all of a sudden I was surrounded by ten city of London police officers that approached me in five police vans on.

  • They proceeded to stop me to detain me and my whole team, find us and then ban us from campaigning.

  • We put this out on video.

  • The video went viral.

  • It's been watched nearly a million times.

  • We've got coverage and our friends over at the BBC, the Daily Mail and, uh, everyone was asking why this doesn't make sense.

  • Surely there's a democracy.

  • And so we wrote a five page legal draft and send it out to the various police forces and explained why we believed we had the right to continue campaigning in our one hundred percent covert secure bus.

  • And we waited.

  • We waited to hear back, and we hit the road.

  • And sure we were stopped, you know, by the Metropolitan Police a few times.

  • But we continued for fifteen days over a thousand miles, hit every borough in London like we said we would.

  • They have now responded and come back to us.

  • And they said that leafleting was always okay.

  • Leafleting but Onley when done by private companies and not volunteers.

  • This is the clarification that's been made by the police forces, both locally and nationally.

  • Now let's deconstruct that.

  • First of all, uh, I wasn't leafleting that day, so I still don't understand why they stopped us and find us and banned us from campaigning because it did not come across in those rules.

  • By the way, we still never have received those fines.

  • Not me or four of my team that we're fine, which is curious.

  • The second thing that makes you probably wonder right now is why would you allow leafleting on Lee by a private company and not by volunteers?

  • That seems to favor those parties that have enough money to hire a private company to drop leaflets, and it penalizes those independent parties or those lesser funded parties like the Liberal Democrats of the Green Party, which means they can't actually leaflet because they can't afford to pay a private company to go and drop the's out there.

  • Which means democracy is being compromised.

  • And you might even argue that democracy has now been turned into capitalism.

  • So some big red flags here, First of all, in my opinion, it proves we never did anything wrong, which is probably why we were never stopped.

  • And we continue to campaign.

  • The second thing that really makes me wonder is that this all feels political.

  • And I told this to the police officers on that day and again, I want to say I've got nothing against the police.

  • They do a very, very difficult job.

  • And as the next mayor of London, I'm going to support them with more training, digitization and more police on the streets.

  • But they are being put in a political position, and we are being singled out along with other smaller parties to not being allowed to campaign.

  • But we're gonna fight back.

  • But I wanted to keep you posted.

  • I want to get your thoughts below.

  • Do you think it's fair toe Onley allow leafleting by private companies and not allow volunteers, which is all that some parties have available to go out and drop pieces of paper in a door.

  • But it's okay to pay people to drop pieces of paper in the door.

  • And then on the top of that, do you think it was okay for the police to ban us from campaigning on that snowy nights in London Bridge?

  • So again, leave me your thoughts below.

  • I'm super excited.

  • We had a great call tonight for all the volunteers that are going to join me for the Brian for Mayor campaign and get to hang out with me and my team for the next three months.

  • We're really excited.

  • If you wanna be a part of that, go to Brian for mayor dot London forward slash volunteer.

  • And you could be a part of the Brian for mayor Army.

  • That we're going all the way to City Hall is gonna be amazing.

  • So thank you so much.

  • This is the latest.

  • Hold your politicians accountable.

  • Hold your police forces accountable.

  • No, the law and question and find out this doesn't make sense.

  • Why can't we leaflet with volunteers?

  • Why do we have to use private companies again.

  • Mork questions about democracy.

  • We believe free and fair elections need to take place on May six.

  • To make it happen, we need to be able to get out there and campaign.

  • So let us do our job.

  • And, Mr Mayor, I'm still waiting.

  • When's that debate gonna happen?

so the police have finally responded to the Brian for Mayor campaign.

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