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  • Thank you so much for being here.

  • I told you about stage.

  • I am in a huge fan of yours and your performance in inglorious bastards.

  • I think ruined has ruined my marriage.

  • Because every time that movie comes on, I can't stop watching it on.

  • I'm always watching you.

  • I loved your performance.

  • As did everybody.

  • Thank you.

  • Blue Blue.

  • What's that?

  • Blue, Blue, Blue blue.

  • You interrupted me for blue blue.

  • No one gets away with that.

  • But you, Christoph, Quiet!

  • Blue, Blue.

  • Thank you for being here, though.

  • It's very excited.

  • You know what?

  • I love me, but I love about love me for slip there.

  • I can't speak tonight because of the Google.

  • Uh, you are such an amazing actor.

  • And so intense, Uh, in that movie, you could be so inglorious.

  • Bastards.

  • You're so charming.

  • And then suddenly, this dead eyed stare that you could give that I find so chilling that you're giving me right now.

  • Yeah, it is so good at that.

  • I know that you are.

  • There.

  • Are you're from Austria, is that right?

  • And there are, like many Americans, Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the rest of the world and I'm familiar with familiar with Germany.

  • But I don't know the difference in the culture between, say, Austrians and Germans.

  • Can you enlighten us?

  • The difference between Austrians and Germans is like the difference between a battleship and a Walt, a battleship and a waltz.

  • That's about the difference between really so there's really not a lot of similarities, is what you're saying.

  • How are the Austrians different?

  • I mean, I know there's the Germans.

  • There's the cliche, which is they have no sense of humor.

  • Did he?

  • That's not a cliche s.

  • It's just 100% true.

  • Well, it zord of, you know, um, Germans.

  • I hope I'm not hurting anybody's feelings.

  • No, but it does go out on television.

  • Yeah, Germans might hear about this.

  • Well, you know they won't.

  • They won't hear about this.

  • Please speak freely.

  • It's just it's just it's just us and think, please, thank you.

  • I think Germans always go for for hit on Collision.

  • You know, it's never it doesn't rarely has sort of grace and melody and rhythm.

  • It's just the yeah on I know irony.

  • There's no sense of they just say exactly what they mean exactly.

  • Everything else is dubious and slimy and they're suspicious of Yeah, yeah, I'm highly dubious and slimy, so I love it when I guess just comes out and says that, Uh, but you Austrians then have a sense of humor there.

  • Well, it's Austrians tend to make their lives easier, So first of all, they are very polite and second, they don't mean it.

  • So, Andi, it's just a mode of communication and exchange between you have a sip.

  • So you know what could go wrong?

  • Very nice.

  • Well, I'm Irish.

  • I understand.

  • Exactly.

  • Well, that was the same way.

  • We're very nice, but we don't mean it.

  • No, absolutely.

  • But you know, Ireland has nine.

  • A literature.

  • Nobel Prize winners nine.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, that says something for communication in a culture?

  • Yes.

  • And that the difference between in all seriousness, if that's appropriate, it all.

  • We'll cut this part out.

  • Uh huh.

  • In the difference between the Austrians and Germans is very much like English and Irish.

  • Very much there's, there's there's more of the sense of the silly and the absurd.

Thank you so much for being here.

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Christoph Waltz On The Difference Between Germans & Austrians - CONAN on TBS

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