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  • is it fair to label LeBron as a flopper?

  • And I ask you, Is this a trick question?

  • Of course.

  • LeBron flopper, Of course, he's a flopper.

  • Yes, he is.

  • And he was not the first star who tries to get calls.

  • And it's not on the offense like it's on the defensive end to, of course, like Dennis Rodman or Draymond Green guys who put a lot of effort into the defensive end.

  • Are they trying to get calls on the offensive player?

  • Of course they are.

  • Is James Harden trying to get calls on the defensive player?

  • Of course he is.

  • LeBron plays both ends of the floor.

  • You're trying to get calls in both places, and partly it's because, of course, like shocking away, you know LeBron is often compared.

  • I call him Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson had a baby.

  • He has attributes of Jordan and Magic rolled into one, and he's compared Toa Jordan.

  • And Kobe is these great wing players.

  • But in another way to me, he belongs in the category with Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O Neal, unstoppable physical forces, right?

  • Go and shack used to get hacked and rest of times would look the other way because it's like, Well, how they can't even play the game, Because what else you gonna do to this guy on DSO?

  • LeBron has some of that going on to He's so big, he's so fast.

  • He's so great that contact is often made and sometimes he's not getting those calls, so he would like to get them.

  • So he works the refs.

  • Yes, he's a flopper.

  • And by the way, the league is right.

  • Also, you don't want Stephen A to get into a situation like soccer, because already, as we saw from the video there, just think, you know, phantom moves where nothing just happened.

  • And you're acting like a villain from the old Adam West Batman show, right, pals.

  • And but But nothing's landing.

  • Um, the league does not want a situation like that.

  • I know that competitive people are trying to sell calls, but toe ask is LeBron a flopper is so of course he's a flopper.

  • Of course he is.

  • Well, he is.

  • So I don't have anything to add to that because I know that he is, as there's a lot of guys in the league, what I would say to you is that's not where my focus lies.

  • When it gets to this subject, my focus lies to the n ba looking for other folks to do the officials jobs instead of the officials themselves.

  • I remember Law, you know, a couple of a few years rather before he passed away.

  • I'm talking about former Commissioner David Stern, Max, God rest her soul.

  • I missed that man.

  • He was crazy.

  • But I miss him and I tell you this.

  • We were having a conversation and he was complaining in this office.

  • He bring me into his office, had a Pepsi max, and we're sitting in his office and give me my Pepsi.

  • He kicks up his feet.

  • He's like, I'm just tired of it and disgusted with it.

  • I mean, all of this acting, these histrionics, I mean, why they go to Hollywood for crying out loud, go to Tinseltown.

  • Just this ridiculous.

  • It's not the MBA.

  • I'm sick of it.

  • And I said, Yeah, but it's the n f.

  • It's the MBA's officials jobs to catch them off.

  • Sure, if you get in your you might something like, for example, if you LeBron James and you, you two hundred and sixty pounds year locomotive coming at a whole bunch of people.

  • You know what?

  • Ah, slap on the arm or whatever the case may be may not affect you.

  • So what you gotta do is you got to sell it, you know, because it might have had something to do with you hitting the shot.

  • Or if you see guys working and and they're manipulating it effectively, what are you gonna do?

  • Vlade Divac used to frustrate the hell out of shock because shot called.

  • You know, that's why Shock once called from the Sacramento Queens.

  • You know, instead of the Sacramento Kings, because he got tired of Vlade Divac flopping all the damn time.

  • But here's the deal.

  • How else you gonna go a shock when Shaq drop step to swing that elbow at three hundred and twenty pounds?

  • Seven one.

  • What you gonna do?

  • You know, So it's like you have to try something.

  • What I'm saying is, is that if you're trying, if you're competing and you're trying to win, it's the officials job to catch you while you flopping.

  • It's not your job to help them buy, not flopping.

  • I mean, So when we sit up there and we talk about LeBron James.

  • Yeah, you two hundred and sixty eight year.

  • You could do a lot of different things, but in the same breath, you wanna highlight how you're getting slapped and smacked and and pushed in all of this other stuff.

  • And just because you're bigger and stronger than most doesn't mean that you should be subjected to it excessively, more so than anybody else.

  • So if God, they're getting away with flopping, You returning the favor like hell I know how to do that too.

  • Alright.

  • Catch me if you can.

  • I don't see a problem with it.

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is it fair to label LeBron as a flopper?

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'Of course LeBron's a flopper' - Stephen A. & Max react to LeBron's warning from the NBA |First Take

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