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  • Vader

  • this is your last chance

  • battle me

  • or die

  • Screw you

  • you big black cunt

  • I'll kick your balls and your face

  • a war on two fronts

  • the Führer will crush the Dark Side

  • like a rap Apartheid

  • I put the germ

  • in the Germany

  • I'm sick on this mic

  • I beat you twice you sellout

  • now you bow down to Mickey Mouse

  • you call yourself a Dark Lord?

  • you couldn't even conquer Space Mountain

  • you're just a sad asthmatic robot freak

  • who needs some loving

  • well I baked you something

  • here

  • pop into my oven

  • Let me paint you a picture son

  • portrait of a bitch

  • after World War I

  • you were stirring up the fears

  • of the German people

  • telling the world

  • that the Jews are evil

  • you wrote a little book

  • got'em fired up

  • had a Beer Hall Putsch

  • got'em fired up

  • but when your bunker started getting

  • fired up

  • you put a gun in your mouth and

  • fired up

  • you dumb mother fucker

  • didn't Napoleon let you know?

  • when you conquer Russia

  • better pack some fucking winter clothes

  • while you're fighting off Valkyrie

  • I got a million clones

  • they die for me

  • my bounty hunters ride for me

  • yo homeboy

  • finish this rhyme for me

  • They call me Boba Fett

  • you wanna mess with me?

  • I'll put my balls in your mouth

  • like boba tea

  • I got a jet pack yo

  • you know I steal the show

  • cause when I rock a microphone

  • Oh sieg hell no

  • you're not going to cheat me

  • mister sunglasses all the time

  • I'll take you

  • and your new boyfriend Goofy

  • and all your spermy soldier guys

  • and throw you in a butthole in the sand

  • I am Adolf

  • Hitler


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B2 US fired conquer hitler rap yo pack

[TRANSLATED] Vader vs Hitler 3. Epic Rap Battles of History. [CC]

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    姚易辰 posted on 2014/07/17
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