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  • champ Congressional Great victory.

  • Thank you.

  • Talk to us about the game plan with Whitman going into this fight.

  • Um, the game plan with women is just, um, way had Thio user go back to the fundamentals, Um, and other fights.

  • I you know, I didn't necessarily have the footwork there, and I didn't pay, You know, I have footwork, but I just don't pay enough attention to it and let it set up the shots on I get a little overzealous, and then I get in certain positions, and then I have to rely on wrestling or grappling.

  • But the game plan today was Just use your footwork.

  • Stay on it.

  • I have a crazy job.

  • Excuse me?

  • I just needed to stay patient, use it, break him down slowly and get him out of there.

  • And that's what we did.

  • We saw the leg kicks early in the first, something we hadn't seen before.

  • And then second or third round, you start establishing your jab.

  • Did you know it was gonna come close once you started connecting on those?

  • Yeah.

  • See, Gilbert kicks legs, he kicks a lot, and and unfortunately, I hadn't been able to kick a lot in my previous fight because of some of my injuries.

  • This one.

  • I spent a lot of time working the fundamentals, working the basics and kicking on DSO.

  • I knew I could kick, too, so it was basically just trying to establish the rhythm.

  • You know, kick throw them off.

  • But the plan was to move my feet footwork and established that job, and I did.

  • In the first round.

  • He caught you with a couple.

  • How hurt were you?

  • I wasn't crazy hurt, but you know, that's a lot like how a Spartans went.

  • You know, he's very, very powerful.

  • He's a hooker, you know.

  • And if he touched anybody else in that division with those hooks, they're going to sleep.

  • And so I just had to stay patient, recompose myself and get back to the game plan, and that's what I do better than anybody.

  • It's just staying composed, calculated on breaking down the fight.

  • Talking about that.

  • What, you know, the competitive edge.

  • When when fights get tough, it's seemingly when you you start to rise.

  • What sets you apart from these other men in the division?

  • That's what sets me apart.

  • I'm self made.

  • These guys don't understand.

  • And I'm self made When I was young, just starting to wrestling, wrestling in high school, people no one had to tell me.

  • Hey, you needed to run.

  • You need to do a little extra in order to be able to compete and close the gap on everybody else.

  • I had to do that on my own.

  • I figured if I want to be the best, I gotta put the work in early.

  • I learned that early, and that's been the story of my career.

  • And so my mind is stronger than all these guys upset it.

  • Time and time again, my mind is stronger than each and every one of these guys.

  • Longest win streak in the welterweight division, you basically cemented yourself amongst one of the greats.

  • Well, what does this prove to everybody else out there?

  • You know, it is what it is.

  • It's just, you know, I put some respect on my name and I said it.

  • You know, I've been working for a long time, and, you know, as long as I continue to stay composed and do my job, you know the accolades they're gonna just pile up.

  • Call that mouse bottle.

  • But if that wish isn't granted, what do you need to see from these other men in the division?

  • I need to see.

  • I need to see activity.

  • I need to see activity.

  • I want to see excellence.

  • You know, these guys need Thio break out.

  • They need to show me that they're the number one contender.

  • Next.

  • You know, once they show me that I'll be more than happy toe oblige.

  • And when I go in there Yeah, it was a very emotional embrace after the fight.

  • You care to share with us what you guys said to each other?

  • Yes.

  • Um, you know Gilbert Burns?

  • He deserved to be in there with me tonight.

  • He absolutely did.

  • You know a guy that a lot of people thought was down and out because he got knocked out of lightweight.

  • He reinvented.

  • He rebuilt himself, moved up a weight on, ran through guys.

  • He ran through guys to the point where you couldn't deny him that title shot tonight.

  • He deserved to be in there.

  • And that's what I let him know.

  • Man, you deserve to be in here.

  • I know it was tough because we had to go in there and battled each other, but he deserved it.

  • You know, I'm proud of him, and I'm happy for him.

  • Thanks for your time.

  • Enjoy your victory.

  • Thank you.

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champ Congressional Great victory.

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