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  • Let's bring in Tim Legler to break it down now Tim Brooklyn's three big stars haven't played much together just seven games, all on the court together.

  • Steve Nash says it za chemistry project on the fly because they haven't practiced much, either.

  • How's it going?

  • Well, this is the best game they've played.

  • I mean, this was a sharp, clean game, and it's the kind of game when you look at a team like this offensively and you say, You know what?

  • Maybe they are so good offensively that some of their defensive deficiencies won't matter because they move the ball like this and they engage the rest of their roster and role.

  • Players get opportunities to touch the basketball.

  • This team is gonna be unbeatable at times.

  • Offensively.

  • That's what impressed me so much In this game against Golden State, you come off the floor.

  • I love giving the ball up early.

  • James Harden advances in in any one of these three guys could take this shot.

  • You get a great drive on the close out guy, you got two guys on the weak side.

  • You know, Jeff Green could pull that shot, but instead, one more extra pass, you get into the corner.

  • Tyler Johnson knocks it down.

  • It's beautiful basketball.

  • Same thing here.

  • Harden comes up, draws two guys, switches to Durant easily.

  • Could go ahead and attack.

  • Kent Bazemore has to close out defender, but he knows there's a better opportunity.

  • If you make one more extra pass goes to Joe Harris.

  • Little up fake and then he's got, for all intensive purposes, a layup for a shooter that good.

  • I just was so impressed with their willingness to make the extra pass in this game, you still had your share of spectacular shot making.

  • It certainly Kyrie was a guy that just was unbelievable at times in this game.

  • But for me, it's the ball movement and making sure you get quality looks and engaging the rest of those guys because they're going to need open three point shooters on this team to have a successful championship run.

  • I just was blown away by how good they were offensively, and this one Golden State just looked completely helpless.

  • Defensively.

  • We know about James Harden, the volume scorer.

  • He's been the MBA scoring champ.

  • But tell us about James Harden, the facilitator.

  • Yeah, you're talking about a guy that just had one of the most prolific scoring runs in N B.

  • A history with what he did year after year in Houston.

  • But none of this works in Brooklyn.

  • If you don't have one of these guys willing to be the facilitator and James Harden just completely gutted Golden State and pick them apart.

  • Pocket passes always drawn to off pick and roll, see a little behind the back there for either one.

  • His penetration and kick out to corner three reminds you a lot of how he was playing in Houston, the advance ahead past which he was making, and this one repeatedly.

  • And then all those little pocket passes.

  • The guys like Bruce Brown, who just hang around the basket and benefit from the amount of attention James Harden commands.

  • We know he could go get his own, and there was a run in the second half where he took, I think, three threes in a row and knocked them all down because he's gonna have moments like that.

  • You know, Kyra and Kevin Durant can score on basically any individual matchup they get, but if that ball is not moving by one of those guys.

  • None of this is gonna be possible because you can't win a championship by just consistently playing one on one basketball, making difficult shots.

  • Somebody has to make the game easy for their teammates, and that's what James Harden is doing.

  • So I've been so impressed with his willingness to do it, and then his talent is just massive.

  • His vision and his ability to make any pass on the floor.

  • I thought that was the actual difference in this game and why the score got lopsided.

  • It was because they didn't have an answer for James Harden's passing.

  • All right, you can only have one this next team, the way they played Saturday or the 70 Sixers who you got, uh, this Nets team, the way that they played on Saturday night is gonna win a championship.

  • But can they bottle that up and be consistent with that?

  • I'm still not sure I'm not sold, and they still do need to improve slightly defensively.

  • But there wasn't a team in the league that could guard the Nets on Saturday night.

  • The way they move the ball in the way they shot it.

  • Alright, impressive performance from Brooklyn.

  • Impressive breakdown from Timberlake.

  • We appreciate it.

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Let's bring in Tim Legler to break it down now Tim Brooklyn's three big stars haven't played much together just seven games, all on the court together.

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