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  • the original 88 now start writing that Hall of Fame speech.

  • Drew Pearson.

  • Joining us this morning on the Goodyear hotline.

  • Think about this.

  • If you're a Cowboys fan, Jimmy Johnson's getting in because the last year's delay Cliff Harris, Drew's old teammate cowboys.

  • Maybe going to the Hall of Fame game and Drew you are the cap or Good morning every year is a sportscaster.

  • I would show video of you, sadly, with the family around, so close, so close.

  • But the call doesn't come.

  • But now it does take us through the emotions.

  • Yeah, you know, I'm still excited about it.

  • Excited when it happened, uh, disappointed about a year ago this past January because I didn't get that call with guys.

  • I only had the wait eight months for that to be corrected when I was nominated a lone senior nominee and then within a year or another six months, you know, I'm a Hall of Famer, so I'm excited about it.

  • And one thing about being a Hall of Famer, it doesn't matter when it comes.

  • Uh, it could come in the first year, first time eligibility or it could come when you're 70 years old.

  • You're still excited about it, and it still feels good.

  • You're the last standing guide to be inducted into the Hall of Fame from the 19 seventies all decade team.

  • What does that feel like?

  • Drew?

  • Yeah, It was disappointing that when that came up Keyshawn on, uh, with all due respect, I remind your game, man.

  • God bless you.

  • Appreciate that.

  • Anyway, Yes, sir.

  • Uh, you know it when you're all decade, You think that's almost guaranteed that you're gonna be into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Because all decade teams are voted by the Hall of Fame voting committee.

  • So you think that's almost a guarantee?

  • But it wasn't that way for May.

  • But I thought all along Guy is that the Hall of Fame Committee, the voting committee would eventually correct as missed aches and get it right, and that's what they did.

  • So you know, I'm excited about that, and I'm excited now.

  • No hard feelings whatsoever in either direction or against anybody.

  • I'm just happy I'm in now, and I'm happy I'm able at this age to understand what's going on.

  • A plane 11 years present.

  • Indiana fell.

  • And because of that I appreciate everything that when you got that call, how did you celebrate?

  • Yeah, well, you know, I got the call over at the cowboy Star facility, their headquarters, and they kind of set me up.

  • Guy is, uh they wanted me to come over to meet with Jerry Jones along with Roger Starbuck.

  • And they said they had something to do with real estate.

  • And I thought that was logical because Roger and Jerry, Mr Jones are involved in real estate ventures at the stars.

  • And I thought they might want to include may.

  • So we go into meeting and we're talking.

  • Then I hear that knock on the door.

  • Mr.

  • Jones tells me to go answer the door.

  • And I answered the door in that door.

  • Well, was filled up with Mr David Baker.

  • You know, he's a big man.

  • He could fill up a door well, and he filled it up and he came in with a camera crew behind him and saying that Drew, you have been selected as the newest member through the Senior Committee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  • And I just kind of started crying and bawling their the emotions kind of took over from that point.

  • And then I looked over at Jerry.

  • Mr Jones and Roger.

  • Stop!

  • Fuck!

  • And they were bringing over there like the canary.

  • And I was upset with my quarterback.

  • We're not telling me giving me some idea.

  • This was going to be a but guys, I couldn't have been told any other way because it was at the cowboy facility.

  • Ah, Hall of Famer Jerry Jones.

  • Mr.

  • Jones was there, and also my quarterback, a Hall of Famer.

  • Roger Starbuck was there.

  • So that was a great way to find out.

  • And with this cove, it and pandemic going on, I don't think they could have done it any better.

  • Mhm Drew first and foremost.

  • Congratulations.

  • Ah, big fan of yours.

  • Love seeing this happen for you.

  • But I have to also ask you about the cowboys situation.

  • What are your thoughts on Dak Prescott?

  • And will this relationship work out long term?

  • Absolutely.

  • Absolutely.

  • They better make it work because I don't think they're better.

  • Find a better quarterback on.

  • I don't think they'll find a better person that's available right now than that Prescott.

  • And because his injury you know that injury he got is, uh was very bad and hurt.

  • The football team has certainly hurt Jack, but you know, something like that, you could turn into a blessing being disguised.

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the original 88 now start writing that Hall of Fame speech.

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Drew Pearson on becoming 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee | KJZ

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