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  • well.

  • The prime minister says he hopes to begin lifting locked down restrictions in England from next month, beginning with schools, then non essential shops, followed by pubs and restaurants.

  • Mr.

  • Johnson also said that people will have to learn to live with coronavirus, echoing a suggestion by his health secretary that it could be managed like flew by the end of the year.

  • Some scientists have warned against easing restrictions too quickly even if the vaccination program remains on target.

  • His our political correspondent Jonathan Blake.

  • Day by day.

  • Thousands mawr injections to vaccinate people against coronavirus By Monday, the government is confident it will have met its aim of offering 15 million people, their first jab delicious.

  • On a visit to a vaccine manufacturer in Teesside today, the prime minister said he was cautiously optimistic about co vid 19 being contained.

  • Long term new therapies are being discovered the whole time which are enabling us to reduce mortality, improve our treatments of the disease.

  • So yes, I do think that in due time it will become something that we simply live with chocolate in there.

  • Effective vaccines are crucial to allowing restrictions to be lifted in the government's promised a more detailed timeline soon.

  • But Boris Johnson gave some idea of the order in which things would open up, starting with schools.

  • We very much hope on March the eighth.

  • That's gotta be the priority.

  • Our Children's education, our kids.

  • Education is the number one priority.

  • But then working forwards to getting, uh, non essential retail open a swell and then in due course, as and when we can.

  • Prudently and cautiously.

  • Of course, we want to be opening hospitality as well.

  • But some advising the government warned that even with effective vaccines, a resurgence in cases can't be ruled out.

  • I don't believe anyone expects.

  • We're certainly gonna lift all the social restrictions.

  • I don't think really anyone's thinking that way.

  • We're just gonna immediately lift them and not care what what happens.

  • But if if, for some reason we did choose Thio, just pretend it wasn't here anymore at some point, then yes, yes, there is the potential to go back to away if it's a similar size to the one we're in now, A drink in the spring, sunshine might feel a long way off, and Downing Street has dismissed a speculation.

  • Talk that pubs and restaurants could be serving us outside by April.

  • But the more people get vaccinated on them or the government talks about living with coronavirus long term, the more the pressure to get life back to normal will grow.

  • If it's the same level is flu.

  • We don't think for a second of locking down the country of flu, there will come a point where there will be a death rate from from, uh, from co vid.

  • But it's at a normal level and then we have to cope with.

  • Obviously, we still try and prevent it, but we But we accept it.

  • I think we have to.

  • There's an acceptance in government that this lock down must be the last in England.

  • So while ministers feel the frustration, they're proceeding with caution.


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Boris Johnson “optimistic” he can set out plan to ease lockdown in England - BBC News

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