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  • This is where North Stream two ends.

  • The 2500 kilometer pipeline is set to run from Russia through the Baltic Sea to the coastal municipality Luqman in northeastern Germany at the German end.

  • The infrastructure facility, with its massive pipes and heavy duty safety valves, has been ready to go since the summer of 2020.

  • But Luke means Mayor Axel Focht is worried the pipeline might never be operational.

  • I'm firmly convinced that we, that is Germany and Europe as a whole still need the natural gas from Nord Stream two.

  • We've begun shutting down nuclear power plants and are facing out lignite coal.

  • But until the time when we're able to power everything by renewable energy, Germany and Europe's energy needs have to be met.

  • So I see natural gas from pipelines like Nord Stream as indispensable.

  • Some 150 kilometers of pipeline have yet to be laid on the Baltic Sea bed, but controversy surrounding the project a stalling progress.

  • It concerns the supplier Russia and may prove to be north stream twos undoing.

  • Even before opposition activist Alexey Navalny's arrest, many were calling for a halt to the construction as a means to exert political pressure on Russia's President Putin and look mean there's a different view.

  • S eyes it right to tie a case like Navalny, for example, toe a project like Nord Stream two.

  • Or should it be considered in isolation, especially when the facts, at least as I understand them, aren't so clear as to warrant sanctions against the Russian government?

  • E.

  • Find Navalny's case is reported by media very much from Navalny's point of view on the arguments of Russia's government.

  • Get brushed aside or disregarded.

  • E look mean and Russia have a long history.

  • In the 19 sixties, the Soviets built the biggest nuclear power plant here in what was then East Germany.

  • Many of its employees were Russian, and they lived here.

  • There.

  • Mark remains in the community to this day.

  • Look me in.

  • Speeches are largely deserted these days.

  • Only a few locals air outside, and they share much the same view.

  • Navalny is not important, but North Stream is for all of Europe.

  • Can we afford to throw millions or even billions to the wind?

  • They ought to find some kind of compromise.

  • I think the pipeline has to be completed, Onley one man we spoke to was more critical.

  • They were on Lee, a dependable partner, for as long as it was good for them.

  • E wouldn't do this project.

  • For political reasons.

  • The Baltic Sea gas pipelines have become a bone of global contention, pitting Russia against the United States.

  • Both have natural gas to sell to Europe and want the strategic edge.

  • The US has threatened sanctions against Germany should Europeans opt to use only the cheaper Russian natural gas.

  • Jens Faisal, from the local trade association, sees natural gas imports as a purely economic issue.

  • He says politics should stay out of it, got a gas.

  • Suppliers make their bids on whoever offers the best price and the best service will win.

  • The tender or contract on the deal is made.

  • A customer decides, not sanctions.

  • The people of look don't want their home to become a stage for world politics, but tend to side with what is familiar.

  • There's no denying that we don't want to give up our close ties to Russia Way have a past with Russia and that past wasn't all that bad.

  • Down at the beach, Locals air also happy to receive other Russian imports Whiskey or vodka?

  • I'm Mr Vodka, but whiskey is not bad.

  • Actually, I'd rather choose from for our side.

  • It's vodka.

  • No question.

  • Whatever the spirit of choice, many here would toast the day when natural gas flows from Russia to look mean.

This is where North Stream two ends.

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