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  • [narrator] The 12-year war against England leaves Spain broke.

  • [man] Thousands of privateers lost their livelihood.

  • -This is a time of horrendous suffering. -[cries out]

  • [narrator] The Spanish fleet, laden with gold and silver, is wrecked,

  • scattering a fortune.

  • This is like discovering oil.

  • I see no act against the Spanish in that.

  • [narrator] And so, the golden age of piracy begins.

  • This is just the latest report sent back from Jamaica.

  • -The pirates are getting bolder. -Cut the lines! Cut the lines!

  • [narrator] These swashbuckling outlaws bring murder and mayhem to the high seas.

  • The brutality and the bullying and the predation

  • of many of the captains that are known.

  • You can't speak at length about Charles Vane

  • without the word "psychopath."

  • Identify yourself.

  • You don't know me?

  • [yells] My name is Blackbeard!

  • For the first time, pirates actively engaged English shipping.

  • King George. [spits]

  • [man] They don't care about us out here.

  • The pirate menace was becoming an existential threat to the empire.

  • We have all lost to these heathen pirates.

  • It appears they are favoring slaving vessels.

  • You are now subject to the laws of piracy!

  • White men consorting with savages? You must stamp this cancer out.

  • Anne Bonny. Men take what they want when they want.

  • If it were me, I'd pirate for the rest of my days.

  • Hoist the black flag.

  • Nassau, the new Pirate Republic!

  • [indistinct yelling]

[narrator] The 12-year war against England leaves Spain broke.

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