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  • we know the loss and disruption caused by Cove in 19.

  • We know how to make vaccines to tackle it, but we still know very little about how it started that caused frustration last year.

  • It would seem entirely reasonable and sensible that the world would wanna have an independent assessment off how this all occurred so we can learn the lessons and prevent it from happening again.

  • Now, after a visit to China, a team from the UN's World Health Organization has released its latest conclusions.

  • There's dissatisfaction.

  • I don't trust this report, I think is the best report the World Health Organization could produce.

  • The U.

  • S goes further.

  • We've expressed our concerns regarding the need for full transparency and access from China and the W H o toe all information regarding the earliest days of the pandemic.

  • The search for Kobe 19 origin story goes on, and after more than a year, why don't we know Maura about what happened in Wuhan?

  • Well, one reason is the science is hard.

  • This article in nature in November asks, Where did covert come from?

  • And quotes a virologist who says finding an animal with Cove in 19 infection is like looking for a needle in the world's largest haystack, they may never find a smoking bat.

  • The task of establishing the most likely explanation that the virus move from an animal to humans can't be done overnight on the W h O has other theories to consider, too.

  • There is a possibility that, for example, frozen wild animals who have bean contaminated on the farm somewhere else could have introduced the virus in the market in the frozen stage.

  • And so it's worth exploring.

  • We'll see.

  • We don't know.

  • But if that's the scientific challenge facing the W H O, then there's its relationship with China.

  • Back in January last year, there was a smiling photo op and praise to I will praise China again and again because its actions actually help in reducing the spread off coronavirus to other countries.

  • Two weeks earlier, the W.

  • H.

  • O had sent its infamous tweet that China had found no clear evidence of human to human transmission and after conversations leaked to the media, we know that some of the wh show did have doubts about China generals.

  • There's been no evidence human from human championship is not good enough things will not happen in Congo and did not happen in Congo in other places.

  • Way need to see the data way need to be able to determine for ourselves geographic distribution, timeline, the epi curve and all of that, um, way need to see the data, says Dr Michael Ryan.

  • But China hasn't always offered that kind of access.

  • On the wh ose reaction to that is being criticized This headline in Indian media references Japan's deputy prime minister, calling it the Chinese health Organization on accusing the W H.

  • O of giving in to China's spin, Donald Trump went even further than that.

  • They're a puppet of China.

  • They're China centric, to put it nicer, but their puppet of China.

  • Now China is a major donor, but there's no evidence that the W.

  • H O deliberately misrepresented.

  • The situation on Dr Tedros has been clear.

  • We don't say anything to appease anyone.

  • It's because it's the truth.

  • You don't know, have to look hard to find scientists who think the W.

  • H.

  • O tried a gentle approach to elicit cooperation from China on its statements have caused concern, one global health professor says.

  • It's definitely damaged.

  • Wh O's credibility It's led to so many questions about the relationship between China and the W H O.

  • It is perhaps a cautionary tale.

  • Perhaps it is.

  • But perhaps however the W H O had played this, the outcome would have been the same.

  • Just look how China has tried to stop its own citizens talking about the virus.

  • Do you remember Lee Wen Liang?

  • He was one of the first doctors in Wuhan to raise the alarm.

  • He received this letter in return.

  • It said, We solemnly warn you, if you keep being stubborn with such impertinence and continue this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice.

  • Is that understood?

  • He subsequently caught Covert 19 and shared this picture from hospital.

  • Days later, he died.

  • Then there's the targeting of the journalist Zhang Zhan.

  • This was an altercation with police, and Jiang Zemin has talked about documenting the violence.

  • Maybe I have a rebellious.

  • So why couldn't I film that?

  • I'm just documenting the truth.

  • Why can't I show the truth for this?

  • She's been sentenced to four years in jail.

  • Her lawyers say she's been on hunger strike since June has been force fed through a two.

  • There's also this footage from a Wuhan hospital showing bodies waiting to be collected.

  • Sand, you shoot.

  • Three bodies have been lying here the whole morning.

  • Some people are already dead.

  • Until now.

  • Nobody's come to take care of thumb.

  • The authorities took that clip down.

  • Now let's be clear.

  • China has consistently defended its actions.

  • This is one of many examples.

  • China, as always, maintains an open and transparent attitude and keeps close contacts and cooperation with the W H O in the virus origin tracing.

  • But we know that the desire to control what's reported existed at the start and it existed during the recent wh o visit.

  • If that's China's approach in the wh ose approach, there's still one other factor that's China's changing place in the world.

  • Bear in mind that in 2019, China's GDP was around 16% of the global economy and it's growing fast.

  • By the end of the decade, its share will have passed the U.

  • S.

  • And that economic power makes China very hard to pressure, which is why the search for what happened in Wuhan is a study in global power.

  • Think about what's happened since the end of the second World War America has acted with the freedom that comes with being a superpower.

  • China is starting to do the same.

we know the loss and disruption caused by Cove in 19.

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