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  • It's crunch time here On the jump.

  • 29 years ago today, Magic Johnson won the All Star Game.

  • M v P.

  • You may remember he had retired four months prior due to testing HIV positive, but the fans voted him into the game anyway.

  • Robert, what are your memories about that game?

  • E.

  • Remember watching this game and saying This guy can take this much time off and still come out and put in work?

  • It's amazing skill set that Magic had and and the magic he brought to the game and the love you had board.

  • It just shows you how much the fans appreciate him.

  • How much is his teammates?

  • Appreciate him.

  • How much is everything?

  • Everybody appreciate the guy.

  • That's why he made it to the All Star.

  • And he is the magic man.

  • Yeah, for me.

  • Personally, I was I was a young pup watching this, but the one thing that popped to my mind was brotherhood and just the joy in the camaraderie and how everybody rallied around magic.

  • At that time, you saw him enjoying interacting on the court.

  • It was just a beautiful thing to see and how guys were basically saying Hey, brother, we are still in your corner.

  • No matter what is always a pleasure to see, It was a beautiful thing to watch.

  • It's such a good point per because unfortunately was about a year ago that David Stern's funeral was held and my Magic Johnson got up and spoke about that moment.

  • He said David convinced everybody that it was okay to play with me in the All Star Game.

  • That wasn't a given by any stretch.

  • Ah, lot of misinformation out there at the time about HIV, and the fact that he not only put Magic in that game allowed him to be in that game, even after retiring and convinced everyone else on the court that this was okay, This was gonna be safe.

  • It was it was gonna be all right.

  • Magic said that that moment, that All Star Game, that we were just watching highlights of changed the perception of the HIV in this country because if magic was able to be healthy and run around and do all of that and all those guys would be on the court with him, it meant that HIV patients weren't scary in the way they have been demonized in the media, and then it was so critical.

  • And I think magic.

  • It's so much credit for that.

  • And, of course, the late David Stern gets credit for that as well.

  • Let's move on to the Wizards guys because they beat the Bulls last night despite Zach Levin's 35 point performance after the game, the MBA's leading score Bradley Bill, said Levin should be voted into his first All Star Game this year.

  • Quote.

  • Hands down, Bill called Levin Electric.

  • So, Robert, do you agree with feel that Levin should be an All Star?

  • But remember that because other people don't make it.

  • If he does, yeah, that's that is the key there.

  • He is a dynamic player.

  • He has a skill set like no other, and we want to see him in the All Star Game if there's All Star Game just for his ability to get to the rack and dunk.

  • But I don't think he is gonna make it awesome because he's plays on the Bulls, The Bulls don't win, and there's so many other guys on winning teams that are playing really well.

  • So he's the All Star, but not just this year.

  • Well, look, he's an all star in my eyes, hit the way that he's been giving everybody that worked this season, and I mean everyone.

  • He's been putting buckets up from in variety of ways.

  • But here's the problem.

  • He's not gonna be a starter, and then we all know who votes for the reserves is the coaches, and the coach is not only look at your individual accolades, but they look at the effect of what you have on the W side.

  • Where's your team?

  • Seeded or where they add in the win column.

  • So that's probably gonna be the deciding factor, and I want him to be.

  • Also, I think he deserved to be All Star.

  • But, like Rob said, he's on the Bulls and the Bulls are not winning, so he's probably gonna get snubbed.

  • Well, we had him on the show last week.

  • He's certainly qualified, but it is tough to make the All Star Game in the East, maybe tougher this year.

  • Then in the Western Conference first time, I've been able to say that in a while.

  • It's time for our league pass game in the night, lots to choose from today.

  • But we picked the Sixers at King's.

  • That's a 10 p.m. Eastern.

  • The Kings have won four straight.

  • Meanwhile, Filly comes in with the best record in the East.

  • And despite all the trade chatter that surrounded Ben Simmons this season, guys, he's performing very well for new coach Doc Rivers, shooting 53% averaging nearly 14 a game over the team's last 10.

  • But he is averaging fewer than 10 shots a game this season.

  • Perk.

  • Do you think that him taking fewer shots is actually better?

  • It turns out, for Philadelphia.

  • Look, he's been a star in his role right now.

  • The team is having success, and he's taking himself out of the equation.

  • Keep growing.

  • Being keeping you look after so many difficult seasons in Philadelphia.

  • Robert, It's working.

  • I'm sure they're happy about it.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

It's crunch time here On the jump.

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