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  • Israel say that the reason they've attacked the Gaza strip is to eliminate the rockets

  • which are being fired by Hamas into Israel.

  • So we decided to take a look at what kind of rockets are these and how exactly are Israel

  • defending themselves, Sam took a look.

  • Firstly on the Hamas side we have Qassam rockets, more or less an improvised series of projectiles,

  • they've got a range of about 5 or 6 miles.

  • They're made from scavenged parts. It's essentially a metal tube with fins welding onto the end

  • and holes drilled in the bottom into which is shoved a solid block of fertilizer - standard

  • nitrate fertilizer - which is ignited by an electronic signal and is completely unguided.

  • When it lands, its got a warhead on top which is a simple metal casing, carries around 20

  • pounds of blast. It's enough to do significant damage and kill and mame an awful lot of people.

  • They aren't accurate rockets but they are very easy to make. They're made by 'activists'

  • basically small arms manufacturers and cost around 500-800 dollars each. Now they may

  • not be accurate but they are built in massive massive number which makes them dangerous

  • more probably psychologically than psychically although they do do a lot of damage when they

  • hit their targets.

  • In response Israel have a system known as the Iron Dome. It's still in the developmental

  • phase it's about 18 months old and it is quickly becoming one of the most advanced ant-missile

  • missile defense systems in the world. It's said to be able to shoot down around 90% of

  • the rockets that are coming in from Gaza. Anything up to the size of a heavy mortar

  • shell which is really pretty small. You're talking about a one foot object sailing through

  • the sky several hundred miles an hour. This system can shoot up a missile. Anything from

  • 4-70 km away it can blow 90% of them out of the sky. Now it's very accurate but it's much

  • more expensive. It's $50 million a battery and around $40,000 per missile. What this

  • means is that a group like Hamas or Hezbollah can simply launch a huge barrage of rockets,

  • they'll fly over and there's only so many that the Israeli system can take out because

  • it simply can't afford the rockets and can't afford the batteries.

  • That's the actual missile launch systems.

  • Israel however says it saves an awful lot of lives and what price can you put on a life?

  • In this case it's a $40,000 missile. We've spoken to someone who's been living under

  • the shadow of these systems and under Hamas rocket attacks. Ann Le Oz has been living

  • in the town of Ashkelon for around 20 years and has an Iron Dome battery in the field

  • behind her house.

  • She shot this incredible footage which shows the missile going up and you can just see

  • the flash there and in fact as we spoke to her, the missile defense system was going

  • off in the background. This is really news as it's happening.

  • "Oh oh there go the sirens now. Not a joke. Can you hear that, on a daily basis even before

  • this there's always rockets coming to Southern Israel before. The people here I can say absolutely

  • really are very proud of it. Alright so it's scary, but the people are proud of it and

  • hear explosions it gives them a sense of confidence."

  • So what we've got on the Hamas side is small, inaccurate mass produced rockets. They're

  • very easy to shoot down, they're not very accurate but what they are is hugely psychologically

  • damaging because no-one, not even Hamas knows where they're going to hit.

  • On the Israeli side what we've got now is this so-called Iron Dome system which is knocking

  • these things out of the sky as they come in. Hopefully leaving those on the ground living

  • some sort of sense of normality with their life.

Israel say that the reason they've attacked the Gaza strip is to eliminate the rockets

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