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  • if you don't like the organization, if he doesn't respect the organization, but you bring him back and insist on him playing for the organization, you are begging for trouble.

  • If you are the Houston, Texas.

  • So to me, you know what a comparable car or equitable compensation or something close to it in aged, in numbers, etcetera, even in ability would be Dak Prescott.

  • And that's why I say the Houston Texans.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I thought a couple weeks ago I mentioned that wouldn't be a bad swap, actually.

  • I mean, they can't trade Dak at the moment because he, you know they need to sign him to a contract in order to trade him.

  • But I think that makes a lot of sense, actually.

  • But and I'm not talking realistically, guys because I get it.

  • Their salary cap considerations and the Patriots don't have a lot of room and all that stuff.

  • I'm just saying one thing.

  • Bill Belichick's gotta know by now we're talking about who should try to pride back away is that the days of being able to compete year in and year out with for a championship and your quarterback is a game manager seemed to be gone.

  • You know, Tom Brady proved the cliff theory wrong because he showed he still elite 40 touchdowns.

  • Not a lot of interceptions came through throughout the playoffs.

  • Um, look who's winning Super Bowls, Nick Foles notwithstanding, Who played out of his mind, By the way on, Garson went, Got a lot of the way there.

  • Patrick Mahomes.

  • When Super Bowl Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers gets to the guts to the NFC championship game.

  • He's not gonna be able to do it with a second rate quarterback and can may still be good like let's see when he doesn't have Cove it.

  • And he's not coming off surgery and all this stuff, let's see.

  • But one thing we know is that is good.

  • That is already very good.

  • And from and I'd like to see, I saw what Brady did with a loaded team.

  • Let me see what what Belichick could do with a quarterback right?

  • Seven and nine, with a lot of good winds, really without one.

  • The way Cam was throwing the ball this year, and from Dax, point of view, he's in a kind of dysfunctional place.

  • He's in a circus.

  • He's in a carnival.

  • There's America's team, right?

  • But not really.

  • That's by reputation.

  • In reality, the Patriots the last 20 years have been America's team, and that environment is a professional environment.

  • I would love to see what Dak conduce do in that environment.

  • And what Belichick could do with deck, however realistic it is that they could actually work it out.

  • We're asking should I'd love to see it.

  • Yeah, for me, man, I'm gonna go with the San Francisco 40 Niners for a couple reasons.

  • Number one, Um, you know, just Kyle Shanahan, one of the best played college that we have in the National Football League.

  • His ability to squeeze out the most out of a quarterback and put a quarterback in the best position possible.

  • I don't know many officers, you know, offensive minded coaches that has the requisite skill set that Kyle Shanahan has with quarterbacks.

  • I mean, you could go down, go down the list whether it's, you know, Matt Ryan, and you know RG three, with the Washington football team going back a little bit, this man knows how to put quarterbacks in great positions.

  • One thing we talked about with the Dallas Cowboys had to relate to that Prescott.

  • One aspect they never really utilize.

  • Underutilized was his ability, his mobility.

  • And in the cow Shanahan offense.

  • That's the skill set that is utilized on rollouts and bootlegs and all those are pos.

  • All those things that you see the modern quarterbacks are doing today, you would definitely see that utilize under couch couch, Shanahan.

  • And then last day for me, you look at the NFC West, that division.

  • Look at the quarterbacks in that division right now.

  • You got Russell Wilson.

  • Okay, You got Matt staff who came over via trade from the Detroit Lions.

  • And you got column, Murray.

  • Okay, the one thing you look at Jimmy G was good, but he's not good enough to elevate the San Francisco 40 Niners to that level where we think, Oh, they're Super Bowl contender.

  • You put that Prescott in that offense with Kyle Shanahan and the pieces that they have offensively.

  • Now we're talking about the San Francisco 40 Niners legitimately being one of those top teams in the NFC conference.

  • Yeah, I just I agree with that.

  • I mean, the Shawn Watson gets to, uh, San Francisco And you're talking about Nick Bosa getting back.

  • You're talking about Deebo, Samuel being healthy.

  • You're talking about monster and those crew and they're running back crew getting getting together with Kyle Shanahan calling plays.

  • I definitely think their defense gonna be back on top.

  • Although I would tell you losing Brooklyn in the off season after the Super Bowl and I think what you go Indy, if I remember correctly, went to Indianapolis.

  • That was a tremendous loss.

  • They should not have messed with that front for at all.

  • They should have made sure they kept them brothers intact, uh, to make sure their defense remained this ferocious as it was now.

  • They were still good this past year, despite their troubles, but still in all, if you have left them intact and both had never gotten injured Uh, the 40 Niners a monsters, no question about it.

  • So that Shawn Watson going there to give me I just don't think that equitable compensation would include Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • I don't think Garoppolo was in his class.

  • I think that Prescott is That's the difference.

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if you don't like the organization, if he doesn't respect the organization, but you bring him back and insist on him playing for the organization, you are begging for trouble.

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