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  • the Pelicans air shooting over 42% from three during the last five games, including Lonzo ball making over 52% of his trays.

  • And New Orleans has gone four and one over that stretch.

  • Now, another big part of the Pelicans recent success has to do with Zions playmaking.

  • Since January 29th, he has assisted on 17 3 pointers when kicking the ball out.

  • That's third most over that span, trailing only Yannis and Jimmy Butler.

  • And yesterday I had a chance to talk to Zion about his evolving playmaking and balancing expectations in Year two.

  • Listen, there's no luck.

  • I complain him one on one.

  • He is having his way right now.

  • Zion Williamson is crushing it for New Orleans.

  • I feel like every time we have a conversation, we have to talk about expectations.

  • In July, you just turned 20.

  • I mean, how are you still balancing the weight?

  • That's it on your shoulder.

  • After playing for maybe almost a season and a half, I would say as a pro, I'm dealing with the expectation this season eyes a lot easier for me now that I'm healthy and have no injuries holding me back back to how it was having fun with.

  • Long as I'm having fun, I'm gonna be alright.

  • It's been cool to watch you.

  • You know, you're initiating offense, even Mawr.

  • And so what has it been like, is you evolved as a playmaker?

  • What does that feel like to you for the people that know my back story?

  • You know, I was always trained to be like a playmaker and point guard, So I'm just glad that my teammates and my coaches see how itself which I am and you know, they put the ball in my hands because I like getting my teammates involved.

  • And I like giving other people confidence, especially when we're winning.

  • Can't get better than that.

  • E.

  • Let's talk about Brandon Ingram.

  • What have you learned from him over the last two years?

  • I don't think people understand how good Brandon Brandon is really good.

  • Brand always finds ways to remain calm and keep talking to his teammates while things were going good while things going bad, he's always in our here.

  • I've learned a lot from random nice dish indeed.

  • Toe Adams.

  • Back desire.

  • Okay, it's been fun to tow.

  • Watch you playing off of Steven Adams a little bit.

  • What's it been like to share that front court with?

  • You know, Stephen is a great basketball player, but, you know, he's even better like human being.

  • But on the court, Stephen, just his present demands.

  • So much like, personally, I've never seen somebody fucks out 3 to 4 people at one time, like, you know, while getting fouled and hit in every direction.

  • Still figure out a way toe, make the right pass re or go shot.

  • But Steven has a high cute for the game that I think people don't give him enough credit for way.

  • Celebrate Black History Month on N B.

  • A countdown.

  • And I know that you've been very vocal in the past.

  • So I'm curious how the way that you grew up the community that you grew up in informs the black man that you wanna be and present toe others publicly and I wanna be the kind of black man did.

  • Uhh, you know, is loved by his community.

  • But also wanna be, uh, example center.

  • You know, I had a lot of people in my community.

  • Men and women set great examples for me and, uh paved the way for people like myself.

  • Toe.

  • Get in a position I am.

  • You know, I just want to create opportunities for kids, whether it's black white, no matter the race.

  • Just kids who don't have the best opportunity I was gonna create opportunities for them.

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the Pelicans air shooting over 42% from three during the last five games, including Lonzo ball making over 52% of his trays.

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Zion Williamson explains why he’s such a good playmaker this year | NBA Countdown

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