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  • Attention, Bob and Anna, The new puppies have arrived at play care.

  • Gibson wiggles.

  • I can't wait to welcome those brand new puppies to play here.

  • Well, puppies, new friends.

  • Wow.

  • Here we are in play care.

  • It looks nice.

  • Anybody puppies do adorable.

  • Can't take unit.

  • Oh, a little love Bugs were not used to having such young puppies that play care.

  • We hope they like it.

  • So they want to keep coming back.

  • All of our pumps will make sure you to have fun.

  • It's Sam's first day of preschool, so we've got to go say bye bye, Sam.

  • By biology by Mo We'll pick up the puppies at the end of the day.

  • Bye.

  • Have fun.

  • A preschool.

  • Sam.

  • Hi.

  • Thank you.

  • Your new friends.

  • So I'm Lolly.

  • I'm Bingo.

  • And this is my brother.

  • Really know your brothers.

  • This is my brother.

  • He's milk.

  • I'm Augie.

  • Welcome to play karaoke.

  • GMO.

  • Come on inside.

  • E, Right.

  • Oh, it's so big.

  • Bob and Anna want us to help.

  • The new puppies have fun, so they'll want to come back.

  • They're so cute.

  • Bingo.

  • I really want them to come back.

  • I think I smell a mission.

  • Coming on.

  • That's the mission Smell.

  • All right, let's show these pups our favorite parts of play here, so they'll want to come back.

  • Oh, my favorite part of play Care The Food O Matic Make your O Matic.

  • What?

  • Do what Todo more like What?

  • Doesn't it dio Does it fly?

  • Well, um no.

  • Still be amazed, my adorable friends, whilst your new Bel Rowley that's me makes you a treat.

  • Thier treat will come out right here In this way Try someone else's favorite part of play here.

  • My favorite part of play care napping area.

  • Of course.

  • Let's find you a little sweet pea is a cozy napping spot.

  • How about a nap spot with a view?

  • Be right up too high.

  • Oh oh, Still flimsy.

  • Seems like none of my favorite napping spots are good for younger puppies.

  • Not to worry pint sized pups.

  • This just means that we can get right to my favorite part of play Care Ball pit E o.

  • Yeah, yeah!

  • Help us now.

  • Pretty fun, huh?

  • Puppies, Puppies shrinking.

  • It'll be more fun when you get bigger.

  • Hm.

  • Seems like we're too little for everything here.

  • Wait, You haven't tried my favorite part of play care.

  • Grooming, grooming part one.

  • Well, I like you swallow.

  • Thank you, Mo.

  • Now where was I?

  • Right.

  • Grooming part one.

  • Wash that way with grooming Part two Fresh breath.

  • Oops.

  • Grooming part three right e Get it now growing means getting a dirty e o Bingo and rolling tough love puppies mortgages at you.

Attention, Bob and Anna, The new puppies have arrived at play care.

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