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  • What are Green cities?

  • Meet Greg Greg lives in a busy city that is filled with smog and air that is polluted by factories.

  • He has a long commute to work and usually gets stuck in traffic for hours.

  • The weather is always gloomy, and he is constantly sick.

  • Greg makes many trips to the doctor because of his poor health, which causes him to miss work.

  • Greg's bosses unhappy about all the sick leave.

  • Greg can't afford to lose his job, especially since his health care is expensive.

  • He realizes his city is making him sick, financially insecure and release dressed.

  • Many people around the world live like Greg as Mawr, and more people move from rural areas to cities to find work.

  • This problem will only get worse.

  • Many city planners air trying to solve this problem by working towards screen cities, green cities or cities designed with thought to environmental impact.

  • They're planners and inhabitants seem to minimize the output of harmful greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

  • They are also careful about their cities, consumption of energy, water and food and try to reduce waste.

  • There are many ways to make a city greener.

  • These include energy efficient architecture and good public transportation, as well as reducing the amount of time that people and goods have to travel.

  • For example, some green cities have urban farming, which is the process of growing and distributing food as well as raising animals in and around the city.

  • Green cities don't only help the planet remember Greg.

  • His experience shows that the cities we live and impact our health, happiness, Social security and many other aspects of our lives.

  • Through green cities, people are fighting back against climate change, bringing communities closer together and building healthier environments.

  • Green cities aren't built overnight, but we can work towards them by making one improvement at a time.

  • Where is your community going to start?

What are Green cities?

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Green Cities - Leaving no one behind

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/13
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