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  • Worldwide there's an ongoing debate over prisons- should they be a place of rehabilitation,

  • or of punishment, and which is the better crime deterrent in the long run?

  • It's probably no surprise that research shows rehabilitation is best for reducing recidivism,

  • and what could be better for reforming an inmate than running a small business?

  • How about a small business that earns said inmate a cool million bucks?

  • In 2016 Hope Olusegun Aroke was part of a Nigerian love scam ring broken up by authorities

  • ranging from Japan to the US, to Laos and Nigeria.

  • Mr. Aroke was one of an estimated 80 scammers who dedicated themselves to preying on lonely

  • women over the internet.

  • Posing as American service members stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other places,

  • the scammers would spark romance with lonely women through international pen pal websites.

  • After a whirlwind online romance, the scammers would quickly move on to ask for cash from

  • their online sugar momma- a lot of it.

  • Sometimes the money was needed for medical emergencies suffered by fake relatives back

  • in the US.. because if anything is believable it's that Americans need international help

  • to afford healthcare.

  • Other times the money was necessary for less than legal endeavors, such as the Japanese

  • woman who was scammed for $200,000 when her online lover claimed he needed help smuggling

  • diamonds out of Syria.

  • The scam was wildly successful, earning the crime ring tens of millions of dollars.

  • But who's lonely enough to fall for such an obvious scam?”, wondered thousands of

  • people with OnlyFans membership accounts.

  • Well, women all over the world, from Asia to Europe and even right here in the US.

  • As the money was poured in, two men based in Los Angeles would be responsible for laundering

  • it through a variety of online bank accounts- all of it untraceable.

  • Well, until it wasn't and federal authorities raided the home of the two men along with

  • twelve others in the US.

  • Working with authorities in Nigeria, many more would go on to be caught and sent to

  • prison.

  • Hope Olusegun Aroke would be one of those scammers, only his time in prison was less

  • of a punishment and more of a 'working vacation'.

  • While authorities are still investigating how it was possible, Aroke was able to continue

  • perpetuating his online scams to the tune of a cool million bucks- and all this despite

  • a 24 year sentence in an Nigerian maximum security prison.

  • Apparentlymaximum securitydoesn't quite mean the same thing in Nigeria as it

  • does in the rest of the world, because Aroke was able to not just have unrestricted internet

  • access from his cell, but was even allowed to leave prison from time to time.

  • Under the guise of receiving medical treatment, Aroke would be shuttled to hotels where he'd

  • spend time with his family.

  • Even more brazenly, he would even make time to attend important social events- because

  • prison is absolutely not an excuse to neglect your friendships.

  • He was also allowed other perks other inmates were not, such as personal electronics to

  • include a cell phone, better food, and we're assuming a little privacy in the group showers.

  • At least that's the perk we'd be most interested in ourselves.

  • Aroke was a busy man, and on top of attending social gatherings and visiting with family

  • in hotels, he also made the time to go shopping for real estate.

  • With a 24 year prison sentence, it may seem a bit premature to be looking for a house

  • to settle down in, but Aroke was a rather forward-thinking man.

  • Either that or he had an inside track into Nigeria's prison system that made him confident

  • he'd be spending quite a bit of time away from his cell during his 24 year...

  • well, at this point we couldn't really call it a prison 'sentence' anymore, now could

  • we?

  • How about prison 'invitation', as in Aroke was invited to spend a quarter of a century

  • in prison by the Nigerian government for defrauding innocent, lonely people to the tune of millions-

  • but obviously he was free to refuse the invitation as he pleased.

  • A good host never forces an invitation- that's just plain rude.

  • Eventually Nigerian authorities- as in the non-corrupt kind- got wind that one of their

  • inmates was absolutely excelling at this whole rehabilitation thing.

  • Also, he was spending equal parts in prison as out of it when they were pretty sure the

  • law states you're supposed to serve your entire sentence in prison.

  • The head of Aroke's prison and his prison doctor were both investigated, which we're

  • assuming must've been the shortest investigation in history, and removed from their posts to

  • face criminal charges.

  • Aroke is now under far closer scrutiny and finding out that when you can't bribe the

  • warden, prison really puts a crimp in your social life.

  • It's still unknown what new charges he'll face for crimes he committed while in prison,

  • but authorities are looking to recover as much of the estimated million-plus that he

  • stole while serving time.

  • One thing's for sure, Hope Olusegun Aroke's side business beat the pants off the two-cigarettes-a-sip,

  • toilet wine racket run in many US prisons.

  • Thinking about starting your own million dollar prison scam?

  • Check out Prison is horrible but not for the reason you think!

  • Or click this other video instead.

Worldwide there's an ongoing debate over prisons- should they be a place of rehabilitation,

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Prisoner Earned $1 Million From His Prison Cell

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