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  • Cam 93 a.

  • M says I'm from Camden.

  • Great to see you can honk if you see us also print out our Brian for mayor posters.

  • You go to our website and get him and put him in your windows.

  • I want to see these when we come by Camp says quote on from Camden.

  • If you're elected, I want to be in your office.

  • I'm young.

  • I feel the problem we have is that we we do it.

  • We have a voice.

  • If I can send my CV and see what you think, Brian for Mayor, you know, Cam, go right now to Brian from London.

  • Forward slash volunteer and sign up.

  • You could be part of this incredible movement to bring back democracy and create these free and fair elections.

  • And make sure the little guy finally has a voice.

  • So, Cam, I appreciate that.

  • And I got power in Saudi on YouTube that says, I like your consistency, Brian.

  • You're the only person talking daily about opening London back up again.

  • And we are.

  • We're here every single day.

  • We're out on the road.

  • I'm out on the streets.

  • I'm recording with you.

  • I'm talking to you, Uh this is all happening in real time and again asked me these hard questions I would love to have you on our team is, well, pawan to be one of our volunteers.

  • And we believe you've got to be transparent.

  • You've got to be digital.

  • You've got to talk to people on these social media feeds.

  • That's what our politicians, they just don't do anymore because they don't want to.

  • They don't want to be held accountable.

  • And I think we need to take London in a new direction.

Cam 93 a.

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"I Am Here Every Single Day ?." | I Am Here To Answer Your Hard Questions - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/13
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