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  • and right here on the jump.

  • It's crunch time friends.

  • Speaking of friends, Kendrick Perkins, he's a friend to us all.

  • He called Ben Simmons and next level defender.

  • Would you agree Vince Simmons at the top of your defense list right now?

  • Or at least near, I think he is now committed to.

  • He could be a two way player.

  • And, you know, we think of two way player guys suits, shoot the ball in and defend.

  • But he affect the game in different ways with his triple double in his passing.

  • And he has committed defensively and I've heard him say and and say, from his own mouth.

  • But he's very people.

  • He thinks he's the best defender in the league.

  • Imagine 6 ft nine, able to stay in front of little guards with his link.

  • That Z, I mean, that that brings a lot to the table.

  • Mhm.

  • I love how much he's bought into defense.

  • He was on my first team all defense last season.

  • He's a defensive player of the year can.

  • And now there are times at the end of games where he dials in with such intensity that he's like Dion Sanders.

  • You can't even pass the ball to his guy or he's gonna intercept it and run it back for a touchdown.

  • It's crazy how good he is on defense.

  • I think, as good as he is and has recognized as he's been, it's actually still on underrated part of his game.

  • There has been so much energy inches and inches of articles written on the fit between him and Joel offensively, so much time spent on how he shoots, where he shoots, how far out he can shoot from the fact that he is elite elite on that side of the ball is something I think we should be playing more attention to.

  • It seems like Doc Rivers is certainly showcasing that right now.

  • All right, guys, it's time for league pass.

  • Game of the night.

  • 11 games on the MBA slate Tonight, our producers picked a good one.

  • Bucks vs Jazz.

  • The Bucks second place out East, the Jazz first in the West.

  • Zach, which team more likely to earn a number one seed If you had to pick those two?

  • Hey, it could be both.

  • Apparently, I'm allowed to pick both or neither, but if I have to pick one.

  • I'll pick.

  • Pick the Bucks.

  • I'll pick the Bucks just because the East is a little weaker at the top in the West, the West, the jazz air atop the West right now.

  • But you got those two l A teams.

  • You're one slump away from being third in the West, so I'll go with the Bucks.

  • Leaping over Philly and getting the number one seed is a little bit more likely, but both teams are playing off the charts.

  • Awesome.

  • Yeah, I looked at the Jazz and Jazz.

  • They're playing lights out, but I agree.

  • The Bucks a game and a half out.

  • They have the capability.

  • They've been in that position before, being the number one see, particularly coming out of the East.

  • So look for the Bucks.

  • And I don't mean the Tampa Bay Bucks E.

  • I never thought, by the way, this sentence will come out of my mouth.

  • Vince Carter, you're a bad influence.

  • But Vince Carter, you're a bad influence on Zach.

  • He thinks he can just say neither.

  • Now, all the time.

  • You could just say whatever you want.

  • Zach, Do you?

  • Do you see either of these two teams making moves before the deadline.

  • They both feel like they're really kind of functioning on all cylinders right now.

  • Maybe something fringy.

  • But they've both traded, particularly Milwaukee's, traded all the pics that could trade Utah traded picks to get Conley, so there's just not much wiggle room left for them to do.

  • I'm sure they'll try and do something, but particularly from Utah, I'm almost afraid to introduce a E.

  • I wanna keep it just the way it is.

  • Yeah, I feel like the Jazz are having their leaning on their continuity.

  • It is helping them so much right now, especially in such a discombobulated season.

  • There are a lot of fun to watch.

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and right here on the jump.

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