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  • I have a question not only for Yuki, but for you, Molly.

  • Okay, because no one's trying to hear if Stephen A.

  • We're here to say no one's trying to hear this from you, right, Mr Cliff.

  • But here's the question.

  • Well, you did say that if you swap, you did say I own it.

  • You know, if you swap quarterbacks in that game, do do the Bucks still win?

  • And do they win by even Mawr?

  • See what I mean?

  • Swap quarterback.

  • Same teams.

  • But Brady's on Kansas City who can't deal with the pressure at this point in his career restaurant.

  • It's a wrap it more of a blowout.

  • You put any quarterback in Kansas City in that situation what I'm saying, but we're gonna win swap quarterbacks.

  • Is it the same game?

  • Is it more of a blowout or is it less of a blowout?

  • I think is probably about, you know, the points could change a little bit.

  • Maybe maybe Tampa gets a little more points, but they certainly Kansas City Kansas City is not going to win the game with the offensive line like that.

  • It's just not gonna happen.

  • And a lack of running game against that defense.

  • Just not going, by the way, Molly.

  • I don't want to make it sound like I'm hating Patrick.

  • Mahomes was terrible on third down, and obviously a lot of that had to do with the line.

  • But I think he was like four of 12 on third down.

  • He couldn't make anything happen.

  • No, he made everything happened.

  • He needed a lot of help in that game, and he didn't get it, as I said, just referred to third down.

  • So let's take just third down one of those one of those plays.

  • When they were pinned back, he hit the best pass catching tight end in the game.

  • A dude who's heading for the Hall of Fame in his hands for 16 yards.

  • He dropped it.

  • Mahomes can't, can't block for himself, run around, throw the ball and catch the ball.

  • He can't do everything.

  • All he could do is play quarterback, and I think he did that overall this season, including the Super Bowl.

  • When you add it all up better than any I think 32 teams to end this Molly.

  • I think 32 teams would take Patrick Mahomes.

  • I don't think 32 teams would take Tom Brady right now in his career.

  • Well, clearly, they wouldn't because back in March there were only two teams who would take Tom Brady, and that was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chargers.

  • So he only had two options.

  • 30 teams shows to pass.

  • But we can't underrate the experience of Tom Brady.

  • Well, let me just say one thing.

  • We can't underrate his experience and how cerebral the guy is in terms of the game of football that has to count for something.

  • I understand that Patrick way more athletic, talented, all of that.

  • But just how the game slows down for anybody being such a veteran.

  • What were you saying, Max?

  • I would say, Well, number one, I'd say You have to forgive our giants for it because we have Daniel Jones.

  • So, obviously, why would we want Tom Brady but got diapers on?

  • All right, you know, So do a lot of second tier quarterbacks.

  • They got better.

  • Patrick Mahomes.

  • I would say that I would say what you're referring to, Molly about Tom Brady is exactly right.

  • That's why he's on the level he's on at the age of 43 where we're sitting down and I'm probably and he's probably in the minority saying, Yeah, Mahomes had a better overall season.

  • The majority of people probably tell you Tom Brady, and it's for all the things you say.

  • What I'm saying is all those things that Tom Brady has gets him to a certain level.

  • And if you put him behind the line that has all day receivers everywhere you look, he's gonna running back and the defense and you put him against the quarterback.

  • No matter who it is.

  • Superman Holmes's Superman, he's gonna carve you with no offensive line.

  • Of course, they're gonna win.

  • I mean, that's just the bottom line.

  • Is Tom Brady.

  • Everything that he brings to the table outside of the football field is important.

  • The locker room?

  • How will prepare all of those things extremely important?

  • I'm just talking about the skill set right now.

  • At his age versus Patrick Patrick.

  • Mahomes had a much better season.

  • He really did.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

I have a question not only for Yuki, but for you, Molly.

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