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  • Hi, everyone.

  • I'm Rebecca Breeds and I stars Clarisse in the new CBS show Clarisse.

  • And these are my scariest feelings of all time.

  • Shout out and circuses.

  • Gollum.

  • Gollum scared the absolute crap out of me, but kind of equally delighted me, which is a little bit weird.

  • E love to impersonate him.

  • He talks about going to meet my next greatest monster, who you'll find out he does this.

  • I do the voice to terrorize my husband.

  • He's talking about going up into the mountain to meet her in the case.

  • When he goes, she goes and then into the town early, and I love to do it and I find it so much fun.

  • And I think any time there's a potato present, I will say What's change is precious kind of selling my grandmother.

  • That's that's scary.

  • So Golan leads me to she lob If you don't know who she love is.

  • She's a joy.

  • Enormous spider.

  • Andi, I hate her because she has the Penske win.

  • See massive jury jolly things.

  • And then she has this, despite that comes up from a bit from a abdomen, and it's terrifying.

  • I don't like Sheila Bottle.

  • You know who's great.

  • Javier Bardem plays Silver in Skyfall, and he talks about little mice and and he he's Skerry.

  • And yet delightful is well, so there's a thing that's worrying.

  • The first movie I ever saw at the cinema was Hook and I will never, ever get over the one of the first scenes where it's Old Doc and the windows were all blowing and the shutters going and the curtains going and you just see the hook going up the staircase into the Childrens bedrooms, and that terrified me the cracking.

  • I'm not a fan of the cracking, enormous octopus squid like creature.

  • It could grab you with many tentacles, which freaks me out.

  • And then it has a beak.

  • Okay, the one that I could not watch.

  • Like I was watching the movie like this was the check from the ring.

  • When she comes out of the TV and doing this on actually know what it's like me coming to work at five in the morning.

  • Now I've realized it's like I haven't washed my hair, you know, coming to work.

  • So I'm living the ring.

  • I'm living.

  • I'm living my worst life.

  • I'm not a morning person, so I really, you know, I came to, like, understand where she was coming from, you know?

  • So she's not.

  • Yeah, she's nasty.

  • I don't like original the Hamburglar, because who steals hamburgers from Children?

  • He's a straight up psychopath.

  • So it's actually I did goes the Hamburglar Thio Halloween party once, and I want because I turned out with 20 cheeseburgers.

  • And so obviously everyone loved me because I was doling them out.

  • I'm Rebecca Breeds from the new show Clarisse on CBS, and those were my scariest monsters of all time.

Hi, everyone.

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"The Scariest Villains Of All Time" With Rebecca Breeds

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/12
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