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  • What do you know about muchacha?

  • Here's a simple explanation.

  • Meet Emma.

  • She's tasting much, are flavored ice cream for the first time and loves it.

  • But what is much are Emma knows it's a kind of tea, but what makes it different than regular black tea?

  • Hideo is a tea expert.

  • Macha is a Japanese tea, freshly plucked leaves esteemed and then carefully dried the dried leaves and then ground into a very fine powder hand ground with stone mills for best quality.

  • Much are to drink much are add hot water to the powdered tea and whisk well.

  • The leaves come from the same tea plant, Camelia Sinensis, as Western black teas, but the way they are processed and the final flavor are completely different.

  • Mata is a way of drinking tea that came from China to Japan in the 13th century and then evolved into a uniquely Japanese style.

  • The appeal of Machar is the way it offers all the nutritional benefits found in T a swell as the host of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Machar is also loaded with Cat Akin, an antioxidant said to have many health and beauty benefits.

  • Many people drink much are because it helps them relax.

  • This is due to the presence of large amounts of the amino acid theon I hearing that much are contributes to beauty.

  • Emma's interest deepens.

  • Yeah, Marcia is very aromatic and slightly bitter, making it a perfect complement to anything sweet.

  • But there's more to much as appeal than flavor and nutrition.

  • In the 16th century, a tea master named Rick You took Japan's tea culture to another level by developing the tea ceremony into what we now call saddle or way of tea.

  • Sado is about farm or than just serving good T.

  • It covers everything from architecture to design and selection of utensils.

  • Toe formal rules for entertaining guests.

  • Let's watch a modern tea master making much are in the tea ceremony.

  • First, she places a much are into a tea bowl.

  • Then she adds boiling water and uses a bamboo whisk called a chosen to mix in the tea powder.

  • No, When the liquid becomes a creamy froth, the tea is ready.

  • Both the person making the tea and the person drinking it have set roles to play and rules to follow.

  • This glimpse of the way of T deepens Emma's interest, but making much are at home.

  • That seems too difficult.

  • Don't worry, says Hittle.

  • Macha is easy to get many stores.

  • Sell it or you can buy online, and you don't need special balls or implements.

  • Drink it from a mug.

  • Mix the tea with the kitchen whisk or even a spoon.

  • It's all okay.

  • Emma has bought her first packet of Macha.

  • She makes much ole with the cookie to eat.

  • Much are very aromatic and slightly bitter, sets off the sweetness of the cookie, creating a taste sensation.

  • Unlike anything Emma's experienced, Emma soon takes it to the next level, holding a tea ceremony for her family.

  • Okay, the world of Machar is deep and rewarding.

  • Why not explore it for yourself?

  • Oh!

What do you know about muchacha?

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Matcha Tea: explained in a nutshell

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/12
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