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  • Okay, there's a parachute in the back.

  • We can tangle him up.

  • Wait for him to attack and then we move.

  • Okay!

  • Ooooh NUTS!

  • I won't let her die for me again.

  • Then you need to be ready.

  • Ay, dios mio!

  • Sarah!

  • You've gotta come back with me!

  • What the heck?

  • It's your kid Sarah.

  • Something has gotta be done about your kid.

  • Are you telling me that all I have to do

  • is wait until time travel exists

  • and I can rescue my son?

  • Precisely Sarah!

  • Except instead of waiting years and years

  • for you to make that journey

  • I decided just to come to you!

  • I know a thing or two about course correcting the future.

  • Uh, what the heck just happened?

  • You see Sarah, your son's death caused

  • a new timeline of copy cat terminators.

  • Without you being there to guide John and pass on your wisdom,

  • millions of humans were cheated out of a leader

  • they so desperately waited years to have!

  • By giving up on your boy and forcing the new girl to take his place,

  • it caused a colossal collapse of faith in the franchise...

  • I mean the timeline.

  • Really? I thought they'd just move on and not really notice.


  • You mean too much to them.

  • You're more than just a womb.

  • Now quick, we have to hurry!

  • Where are we anyway?

  • I know where we are.

  • Goodbye.

  • Wait! Stop!

  • You don't have to melt him!

  • Who are you?

  • She looks just like you but old and flabby.

  • It's another terminator! Kill it mom!

  • No! I'm just you from the future!

  • But there is actually another terminator out there just like him.

  • And still looking for you.

  • And he kills John right after this scene.

  • So don't melt that one.

  • Oh my gosh. This is exhausting.

  • Yeah. It is.

  • But the good news is the T-800s can all become nice now.

  • Yeah! The one that kills you moves in with some weird

  • lady in the woods and becomes her nanny or something.

  • It sounds kind of lame.

  • Trust me.

  • It's better than other ways this story could have gone.

  • Okay then. What do we do?

  • We terminate the terminator.

  • I need your arm,

  • your face,

  • and your CPU chip smashed to pieces!

  • Hasta la vista, Carl!

  • Easy money!

  • Oooh it worked!

  • John Connor lives!

  • Yeah!

  • Doc! They erased!

  • Of course they erased!

  • What does it mean?

  • It means the future is whatever you make it!

  • So make it a good one!

  • We will Doc. We will.

  • Actually... you're future feels kind of done.

  • So maybe don't do anything more from this point.

  • Yeah. You should probably just stop now.


  • Okay I am back.

Okay, there's a parachute in the back.

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