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  • sheen Down in Cambodia, there is a boy who can speak not just one or two or five languages, but 12 different languages.

  • Really hard ones like Russian, Korean and even Chinese.

  • Who?

  • Woman Who is this boy?

  • Why does he speak 12 languages?

  • Thing is he going toe learn every language in the world.

  • In this house, in the remote country off Cambodia, I found Salik.

  • For most of his life.

  • He lived in one off the poorest parts off Cambodia, spending most of his day selling souvenirs.

  • Two tourists, eso instead of going to school.

  • Like other kids, Salik had toe work just so that his family could have a meal on the table s back.

  • John Hyde that work.

  • You'll make him that motor.

  • Every morning.

  • He would get up, go to the nearby temples and sell to the tourists until one day he discovered something about himself.

  • He discovered that he's really good at languages.

  • No matter if it's Chinese, Japanese, whatever.

  • Or French salad could say the foreign words fluently like he was born speaking them the guy crimson like Rienda papers.

  • And then they said that and nothing no more than we predicted job same thing.

  • Communicate same thing in here high, and they'll be setting on none.

  • That s so He asked every tourist to teach him a new word.

  • And from the thousands of tourists that he helped, he learned an entire language.

  • Yes.

  • Everything he learned was not from any class.

  • It was just from listening to tourists e high in opinion.

  • Back.

  • Imagine Glad I How am I looking Latino?

  • Wait, um, I e even decide opinion.

  • One day someone filmed Salik speaking multiple languages and uploaded the video online.

  • Suddenly, the Internet went crazy about a boy selling souvenirs in Cambodia who could speak more languages than adults.

  • He got on the news, received tons off donations and even a scholarship to a university in China.

  • Mouth protection.

  • Which year?

  • My spinal can you on?

  • The next thing he knew he was on a plane to China.

  • Now he's getting a formal education so that he can make proper money toe help his family, his future kids and his future grandkids escape poverty.

  • Popular the pain.

  • I mean, straight and jet Mother, Could Singapore god Man taught partner nine first day if it wasn't obvious By now, tourists are the reason this kid has a scholarship to study in China.

  • Tourism is how his family survived and will continue to survive.

  • Corbett, 19, is killing tooism, but it's also killing opportunities like this one.

  • Let's hope for a world where people can travel freely, learn from each other freely and empower each other to be better.

  • Hey, everybody, Thank you so much for watching Nass Daily Nass means people in Arabic humans and we are on a mission to show you the stories of humans from all around the world.

  • I'm actually very excited about the videos were working on.

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  • Think everybody in the world should watch them.

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sheen Down in Cambodia, there is a boy who can speak not just one or two or five languages, but 12 different languages.

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The Kid Who Speaks 12 Languages

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/12
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