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  • Alright, guys, let's talk about the Bucks because they picked up another impressive win over Denver last night.

  • Chris Middleton shining with not only 29 points but a game high 12 assists.

  • Four dives in the fourth quarter, and they were pretty perk as Milwaukee is on their way to another top seed in the East.

  • Do you think Chris Middleton could be the closer that we keep talking about the Bucks needing to make a title run?

  • Rachel?

  • I do.

  • He is one of them.

  • He is the most underrated Batman in the NBA today.

  • He don't get enough credit.

  • And when I watched your E most underrated Robin, I'm sorry, Rachel, you know the Robin.

  • Okay, He's the most underrated Robin in the game today.

  • And I say this because when you watched him last year in the postseason, when Yonas got hurt, he stepped up in the fourth quarter in big moments and had Monster four quarters hit big shot after big shot to send games in the overtime.

  • And when I look at Chris Militant, he's everything that you need in the closer he could create for himself.

  • He got a mid range shot.

  • He could drive to the lane and finish at the basket.

  • He could shoot the lights out from the three.

  • And also, if he gets fouled, he could step up and he could make free throws.

  • The thing that I'm impressed more so about Chris Militant this year is his playmaking ability the way that he's able to drive and create for others.

  • The old Doc Rivers used to tell Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rondo and Kevin Garnett.

  • Just because I draw a play for you doesn't mean it's your shot.

  • And I'm watching that in Chris Militant right now, Rachel.

  • I think he's by far their best option for all the reasons that Perk Illustrated.

  • But you know, he's a 50 40 90 guy, right?

  • Or close to it, generally every year.

  • His length.

  • I mean, his ability to hit shots from really anywhere on the court is impressive and his defense.

  • His defense also creates offense, however, and this is not just Chris Middleton.

  • I think the biggest issue with this is this is fine in the regular season, but we need to see this in the postseason.

  • I don't think Chris Middleton or Yanis or anyone on that team has had a big moment in the playoffs and this team has had great regular season.

  • So until we actually see it when the games actually matter, I'm a little in the in the side of just saying, you know what, I gotta I gotta see it to believe it.

  • Regular season is one thing in the playoffs when teams can scheme against you and plan against you.

  • I think that's completely different.

  • Well, no one's had more playoff success than the man I'm about to reset here.

  • Do you think that you really need that kind of closer in the playoffs?

  • Because that's, of course, the conventional wisdom.

  • But I heard you talking about mismatches before, too.

  • Everybody wants to have a closer, but sometimes you have to look at the the make up of a team.

  • This team has to deal with mismatches because we all know the book on on the Greek figures clogged the inside.

  • But I look over a guy like Drew holiday.

  • This guy is one of the most talented guards in the league.

  • On both ends of the court.

  • He could put up numbers, he could go out and do things for you and put you in the right situation.

  • We talk about LeBron earlier.

  • How he can drive and kick to the guys and get it right.

  • Just do what you do.

  • Militant.

  • Stick behind the three shoot threes.

  • Penetrate when you have a moment.

  • Greek freak.

  • Do what you do, but I'm looking at Drew Holiday when you want a guy that could be a closer.

  • This is the guy can make those clothes that we're talking about the actual closer because he could get them the ball in the right position to be successful.

  • Amazing.

  • Thank you so much, George.

  • Thank you for joining us.

  • You're so close, but so far away.

  • And I miss you.

  • Put that right out there.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Alright, guys, let's talk about the Bucks because they picked up another impressive win over Denver last night.

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Perk deems Khris Middleton the ‘most underrated Robin’ in the NBA | The Jump

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