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  • In fact, let's run it back to DeAndre.

  • Jordan's best alley.

  • Oops, 2012 rises over Tony Allen for the flush.

  • See, like we got Chris Paul.

  • He's that Chris Paul Kyrie.

  • James Harden.

  • This man has been very fortunate with some of his lob throwers.

  • Gosh, Tony!

  • Mm 2014 Duncan, look out over Rudy Gobert.

  • Oh, and looks at him too.

  • That's not it.

  • But this the net.

  • Okay, two and three are great.

  • We know that Number one in my next one is one of them is one of the best dunks in MBA history.

  • Break!

  • Let's get to it.

  • 2013.

  • Poor Brandon Knight and Mad There you are at the bottom of the screen.

  • Oh, look at the little kids.

  • Feel way still, man, I just wish I just witnessed the crime and I didn't want to be questioned by the cops, so I had to get out of there.

  • So I took off to the other side of the court thistles.

  • Just brutal.

  • Oh, and this is This will live forever.

  • I don't care how long the MBA how many hundreds of years forward it goes.

  • Don't face.

  • That will go live forever.

  • All right, let's move on to the latest batch of All Star fan votes that were just released.

  • Let's start out East, Katie Yannis and be the top three.

  • Front court vote getters feel Kyrie Harden top three among backcourt players and shouts to Bradley.

  • Beal, by the way, wasn't even going to the All Star Game last year.

  • This year, he's leading voting out West, LeBron atop all front court players, 4.3 million votes and counting.

  • He's followed by Yokich Kawai in the backcourt step is Number one, followed by Luca and Dame and Clay Thompson, who, let me just say this again.

  • Hasn't played a game since the 2019 finals in eighth place moved up from 10th place, so he now has 225,000 votes.

  • I think Clay is gonna have to suit up Richard.

  • I think the people are demanding it and you know he could go out in the walking boot and this is why everybody complains about fan voting's.

  • I know it's cute.

  • I know it's funny and there's things that for us to talk about, But look, Clay does not need to be voted.

  • Actually, if you're out for the season, there are some exceptions.

  • You probably shouldn't be on the All Star ballot voting situation.

  • That's just my point.

  • Okay.

  • Hey, Clay is a national treasure.

  • Get all the way.

  • You know what?

  • That's the answer.

  • That is absolutely the answer.

  • I want to see you move up to fifth.

  • Let's see what happens.

  • And it was just a birthday.

  • Happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Clay Ugo Ugo.

  • 225,000 Votes for Your Birth.

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In fact, let's run it back to DeAndre.

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Richard Jefferson calls out fans who voted for Klay Thompson to the 2021 All-Star Game | The Jump

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