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  • we start in Myanmar where there are reports that two major cities have been put under curfew.

  • The U.

  • S.

  • Embassy in Myanmar says it's been told that both Yangon and Mandalay now have a curfew between eight at night and four in the morning.

  • The leader of the military coup, which took power last week, has made his first nationwide address a day after the country saw its largest protests in a decade.

  • Let's have a listen may Myanmar's army.

  • The tap Madore is there for the citizens, as always, citizens of the mothers, citizens of the fathers.

  • The Tatmadaw always acts according to the law and obeyed the constitution of 2000 and eight.

  • The Tap Madore held the election for justice for all the parties which leads to democracy the way the people always wanted Well.

  • For a third consecutive day, thousands have taken to the streets across Myanmar demanding that democracy be restored and calling for the release of the civilian leader and Santucci.

  • Police used water cannon on the crowds.

  • State TV has warned the protesters that action will be taken if they threaten the rule of law with the latest Here's Jonathan Head Monday morning and much of Myanmar was on the move.

  • Impact lines marching to make their feelings Known numbers are hard to estimate, but these protests are big on gaining momentum, confidence and organization.

  • Today they came in professional groups, teachers, engineers and here in the city of Mandalay on early morning mobilization of lawyers.

  • This isn't yet the general strike talked about by opponents of the coup.

  • But that's where it's heading something like a nationwide uprising against the military in the capital Naypyidaw, or city, designed by the generals to insulate themselves from unrest, a chaotic standoff between police and protesters with occasional blasts of water cannon to little effect, the Hunters authority is being challenged even in its stronghold.

  • Something has to give.

  • Younger Burmese have little experience of military repression, but their parents know what's possible here.

  • The last protests against military rule 13 years ago ended in bloodshed.

  • Even with today's scrutiny by hundreds of smartphones broadcasting on social media, no one can be sure that this crisis won't end in the same way.

  • Jonathan Head, BBC News Bangkok Well, let's speak to Tim twice A who is the former editor of the BBC Burmese service she joins me live on the program.

  • Thank you so much for your time here.

  • What do you make of what the general has been saying?

  • The protests on the threats from state TV.

  • The general was brother persuasive in his toe.

  • And he just reinstated what he has been saying ever since he took power.

  • He took over power from the Satsuki.

  • Let government what?

  • What is interesting is he didn't address the people that took to the street since weekend.

  • He just mentioned about the roadmap, the five Steps route map they're going to carry out.

  • And, hey, repeatedly said he's going to order the projects and the trade agreement, uh, made by the previous made by Johnson ciggies government.

  • And he also what What the general is saying is that people are out in the street.

  • Although he didn't address this.

  • But he said, Don't judge things with emotion.

  • He said the from their own investigation.

  • The Union Union Election Commission belonged to the previous government.

  • They there are a lot of discrepancies.

  • They just they found out.

  • So they're going to address that.

  • Investigate that.

  • And after that, he talks about facts, not feelings.

  • And yet didn't produce any of the facts himself.

  • How ominous do you think it is, though, that those warnings to protesters how long do you think it is likely to be for the military actually has a rather more brutal crackdown.

  • We know what they are capable off the military.

  • It looks like they are.

  • They have a strategy and they are following their plan today.

  • They are counter protester came out if they were in there yesterday and day before yesterday on the 30 counter Protester game came out, they could It could break into violence and disorder.

  • But today they just display therefore the counter protesters.

  • And tomorrow the people there is curfew.

  • As the news mentioned just now, the few is imposed on across the country, several towns and major cities.

  • The people We have to wait and see whether the people will come out again tomorrow.

  • If the people start protesting tomorrow and if they're very likely the counter protester will be on the ground.

  • This world, if there is any violence or disorder happened, trusted action can be expected from the police.

  • This is this has happened before.

  • This has happened before.

  • And, uh, it wouldn't be surprised if this repeated.

  • If this kind off action is repeated again, well, we shall see it into our way.

  • Thank you very much for being on the program.

  • Thanks so much for your time.

we start in Myanmar where there are reports that two major cities have been put under curfew.

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