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  • go 13 of the Sustainable development goals.

  • Climate action Had Green Cities work.

  • Meet Greg Greg lives in a busy city that is filled with smog and air that is polluted from all the factories.

  • He has a long commute to work and usually gets stuck in traffic for hours.

  • The weather is always gloomy, and he is constantly sick.

  • This leaves him stuck in his bed on most weekends and causes him to miss work during the week.

  • After many trips to the doctor because of his health, he decides he needs to move to a city that has cleaner air and healthier environment.

  • Luckily for Greg, there are cities that have everything he is looking for.

  • Sustainable cities, also known as green cities, are best described as cities designed with consideration to environmental impact.

  • They are inhabited by citizens dedicated to minimizing the output of harmful greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere, as well as the minimization of required inputs of energy, water and food.

  • Green cities accomplished this through different components, including their architectures, transportation and use of alternative energy like solar power.

  • Green cities practice urban farming, which is the process of growing and distributing food as well as raising animals in and around the city or in urban areas.

  • This means the animals are not given large amounts of antibiotics, and they're processed differently, cutting back on the amount of toxic chemicals into the air.

  • Many Green cities air also car free to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • This is mostly achievable because of the emphasis on proximity, which means landmarks aren't too far from people's homes.

  • The closeness allows them to reach their destinations with reduce transit times using public transportation, green cities, air fighting back against climate change, bringing people closer together and giving them healthier environments with more and more popping up around the world.

  • Isn't it time your community made the change?

go 13 of the Sustainable development goals.

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How do Green Cities Work?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/12
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