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  • Are you looking to hire a young person

  • for your business, but don't know where to look?

  • Then you should try a Youth Jobs PaTH internship.

  • Youth Jobs PaTH makes it easier for you to find

  • and recruit a job ready young person.

  • Your business trials a young person for a short,

  • voluntary internship.

  • They get hands on experience in your business,

  • and you supervise them as they learn the ropes

  • and get to know the role.

  • During the internship, a young person gets

  • work experience, learns the right skills and shows you

  • they have what it takes to do the job.

  • There's also a $1,000 incentive payment for your

  • business at the start of the internship, and if you

  • hire your intern, you may be eligible for a wage

  • subsidy of up to $10,000 to help cover costs.

  • PaTH is flexible and designed for your business.

  • Internships are short, from between four to 12 weeks,

  • and between 30 and 50 hours per fortnight.

  • The great thing is we know it works for business and

  • for young people.

  • 65% of young people who completed their internships

  • were employed by the host business, with a further

  • 8.5% employed within three months of their internship.

  • An internship can be for any job.

  • Young people have been employed in a variety of roles,

  • including customer service and retail assistants,

  • outdoor adventure guides, air conditioning

  • and refrigeration mechanics, music professionals,

  • and chefs and baristas, to name a few.

  • You'll get support from your employment service

  • provider to set up the internship, and they'll

  • check in regularly to see how it's working out.

  • Once your intern has started as a paid employee,

  • your provider will help organise any financial

  • incentives you may be eligible for.

  • You may also be eligible to access a JobMaker Hiring Credit

  • for each new job you create until October 2021.

  • If you have a current vacancy or upcoming apprenticeship,

  • talk to your local employment services

  • provider about how a PaTH internship can work

  • for your business.

  • To find out more, visit,

  • or call the employer hotline on 13 17 15.

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