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  • today I want to talk about something that's on all of Londoners minds.

  • It's something that people come up and talk to me all the time.

  • When they see me, they say this.

  • They say, Brian, obviously, our transport system is a failure, and it's very hard to argue with him because it is a failure.

  • Your mayor has raised and extended your congestion charges.

  • He's increased your transport fares.

  • He has ruined our city with his failed streetscape scheme and his low traffic neighborhoods, he's also nearly bankrupted TfL not once but twice.

  • He's wasted hundreds of millions of pounds of your money on six figure bonuses on first class traveling on these luxury coffee machines.

  • I believe this is unacceptable, and I think we have to send him a message now and say, Mr Mayor, we deserve better as Londoners because the problem is is our mayor right now is completely out of touch with the citizens.

  • He's there on his top floor office and the glass building making policies, but he's not out here on the ground like I am trying to find out what the challenges are of real people in real neighborhoods and trying to solve those problems, and that's why I'm here now and again.

  • I just want to say, for the record, somebody right here on this live broadcast asked me yesterday.

  • They said, Brian, will you debate Sadiq Khan?

  • And I said quite quickly, Yes, I will.

  • So I ask you this right now, Mr Mayor, and I hear he's watching these broadcasts.

  • Sadiq Khan.

  • When will you debate me?

  • Tell me the time and we'll make it happen.

  • I've been putting out a lot of facts and figures about your failures when it comes to Transport of London, about your failures on knife crime, your failures on the economy, your failures to build affordable housing if you think I'm wrong.

  • If I've got something wrong, let's meet.

  • Let's have a debate.

  • Let's put the facts out there and let's let the people decide.

  • That's what a democracy is, and we're moving forward to try to get all the information to the people, and I am a new kind of leader.

  • I wanna have a real trans, transparent dialogue via these social media platforms.

  • Luckily, I've been doing this for 10 years, and I've got five million followers, a half a billion views.

  • And and I'm very good at talking with people and getting your feedback.

  • So today I'll be reading out your comments live wherever you're watching me.

  • Now leave me a comment below and tell me, What borough are you in?

  • What's the challenge you're facing?

  • And what question do you want to ask me?

  • And again, let's make this debate happen.

  • If you want to see me, debate the current mayor of London, tell your friends, put it on social media, Go to the mayor.

  • Social media feeds and tell him, Why aren't you debating Brian Rose?

  • Do you have something to hide?

  • Do you think his facts and figures air wrong?

  • Tell us, why will you not debate him?

  • I am the only other candidate who can beat Sadiq Khan, and we plan on doing that on May 6.

  • As you know, a few days ago we were in the borough of Suffolk.

  • We were on our digital campaign, and I was walking in the middle of the street, actually of an umbrella in one hand and my mobile phone in the other hand, making a vlog video talking to you, and I was suddenly surrounded by 10 city of London police officers that came in in five police fans.

  • They stopped me.

  • They detained me.

  • They find me and my crew and they banned us from campaigning, which put a big red signal.

  • And I said to the police officer, I said, This sounds very political and that created a big row, he said very sternly.

  • This is not political, Andi, I thought, Well, it seems as if the mayor doesn't want me out there campaigning, and so that's what happens.

  • A couple days later, our bus was out on the roads.

  • The Metropolitan Police pulled us over.

  • So it was a coordinated attack.

  • Which is why I sent this five page letter which I posted on social media, that many, many of you have read.

  • I've sent it to Commissioner Ian Dyson of the City of London police Dame Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police and, of course, Chief Constable Paul Crowder.

  • They have all replied to me via email and said they have received it and they're reviewing it.

  • We are following the letter of the law as we speak, campaigning in a complete Safeway, respecting the lock down, respecting everything in a cove.

  • It secure way.

  • But we are out there on the road because I believe in democracy.

  • I believe in free and fair elections.

  • And how can you choose a candidate if you don't know who they are, what they stand for.

  • Otherwise, if you have no choice, you get three more years of what the current mayor has done.

  • I don't think any of us want that.

  • So I believe we need to get out there and campaign.

  • I encourage all other parties to campaign as well.

  • And that means the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party's labor and conservatives as well.

  • Let's get out there and campaign.

  • This here is a digital battle bus.

  • It's completely 100% covitz secure.

  • It has an antiviral fog gone through the entire unit every single night.

  • Everyone is temperature check when they come in, social distancing hand sanitizers.

  • Everything here is by the book, the same protocols that are being used right now in London to film productions for video and for movies right now in the city.

  • So we are respecting the law, but we are moving forward regardless, we could be stopped at any moment now and pulled over by police and arrested were prepared to do that.

  • But the message is more important than that.

  • So we're taking this risk.

  • We see a lot more police vans than I used to is what I'd say, Uh, but I'll keep you posted on what happens there.

today I want to talk about something that's on all of Londoners minds.

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"The Mayor Doesn't Want Me Out Here Campaigning" | Why I Believe This Ban Was Political - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/11
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