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  • do you think Watson should be worried about the situation at this point?

  • Not yet.

  • He should not be worried yet.

  • I'll remind everyone.

  • Last week, Adam Schefter said that the over under on teams with new quarterbacks next year is 18.

  • I was shocked when I heard that, and even more shocked when he took the over the over under 18 took over.

  • So there's gonna be a huge quarterback carousel this off season and in terms of musical chairs, the idea that D.

  • Shawn Watson, who's probably other than the homes, the number one guy you want, given age ability, the whole thing, and he signed to a big deal.

  • But he's worth it, and he's locked up in that deal.

  • Now Shawn Watson is not going to be left without a seat if they're playing quarterback musical chairs.

  • So and there's plenty of time for all those now, if everyone's all set it quarterback, then it's a different story.

  • But even then you might think you're set at quarterback and then you have a chance to get to Shawn Watson.

  • Then you're not so set it quarterback anymore because he is most likely a huge upgrade over anyone.

  • You have the idea that the Texans are being intractable and they don't want to trade him.

  • I believe they have to front right now because they're probably not getting offers commensurate with what he's worth.

  • They saw Matt Stafford.

  • The Lions took Matt Stafford, traded him for Jared Goff and two firsts and a third.

  • So I'll bet right now.

  • They're saying the bidding starts at three first, and maybe they're not hearing what they want.

  • But Stephen A.

  • Eventually they're not gonna be able to say no to the Hall that they can get for D Shawn Max.

  • If we have to bet our money, we're on the same page in terms of the likelihood that Shawn Watson will be moved because we can't believe the Texas would be that stupid not to move a guy.

  • Uh, that is is defiant.

  • That clearly wants out.

  • Uh, they could take the intractable position all they want to.

  • It's not gonna work to their benefit.

  • But when the question is asked, Should I be worried?

  • I'm going to say yes, Max.

  • And here's why.

  • Think about this here.

  • You have this guy, Jamie Roots, who was the president?

  • He has now resigned.

  • Max Kellerman.

  • If you look at this guy's bio, do you know where he went to school?

  • Clemson.

  • I don't know if it he went to Clemson.

  • Clemson University, Max.

  • So you would think, considering where to Shawn Watson came from what he did for that institution, how beloved he is by that institution and dabble, sweetie.

  • And somebody would have went to Jamie, Rubin said, You know what the hell is going on?

  • Here you are.

  • You're not taking care of our boy with him being going.

  • Clearly, we've got a situation where something has gone awry and the McNair family doesn't appear to give a damn.

  • All right?

  • And so when you look at it from that perspective, is it beyond the pale to imagine an organization being so truculent, particularly with a black athlete who happens to be quarterback, who was so thankful in his tearful gratitude towards them for giving him the huge amount of money living in a day and age where you still have people saying shut up involved?

  • You know, whether it shut up and dribble literally or metaphorically or figuratively speaking, just basically shut up in ball when you live in an age like that, and it comes from a family whose dad or husband, Because Janice McNair is, you know, she's not considered the owner of franchise Cal.

  • McNair is the president CEO.

  • Seo Rather.

  • The bottom line is this.

  • The father McNair got arrested so passed away in 2000 and 18.

  • If I remember correctly, he was the one that was talking about.

  • Can't let the inmates run the prison.

  • Those were his words, okay?

  • And it really offended to DeAndre Hopkins of the world and others.

  • DeAndre Hopkins ends up going to Shawn Watson doesn't even know about it.

  • This is an organization that appears to not give a damn.

  • And as a result, can I imagine them drawing a line in the sand and being trying to be hard core and potentially willing to sabotage their own Selves?

  • Just to make the point that you won't bully us in the making any moves, we'll do it when we're good and damn ready.

  • If we choose to do so at all.

  • Do I see something like that as our possibility?

  • Yeah, I do, because a lot of times with people in positions of power, they are willing to cut off their nose to spite their face just to display the level of control that they have and want tohave over you, which, as I told you and many others before, which is one of the reasons why you have people in the streets protesting.

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do you think Watson should be worried about the situation at this point?

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Stephen A. explains why Deshaun Watson should be worried about the Texans' next moves | First Take

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