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  • all of them are there because of Kevin Durant.

  • You were in Golden State winning championships.

  • When you lost.

  • It was because your toy, your Achilles.

  • Otherwise, you're probably the swept Toronto, as far as I'm concerned or at the worst, took him out in five games.

  • You depart from there.

  • You don't go back to Oklahoma City.

  • You don't go to your hometown and the nation's capital and play with Bradley billing somebody.

  • You go toe, you don't go to Madison Square Garden, you go to Brooklyn and everything that is there is because of Kevin Durant.

  • So the onus is on him toe, bring all of the pieces together, all of us, whether it's Kyrie and whether or not questions, is he gonna keep his head on straight.

  • Is he gonna just disappear?

  • Go.

  • They won't know he's not gonna do that, all right, but that's what Kevin Durant James Harden his selflessness and whether or not it's gonna continue, even though their stars and their veterans is still on.

  • Kevin Durant, the coaching, the coaching, it's your coach.

  • You chose him, you understand?

  • I'd say if there was a Rooney rule in the n b A.

  • It would have been violated because they don't think about anybody but Steve Nash.

  • Okay, the bottom line is everything that's there in Brooklyn.

  • Even DeAndre Jordan is because of Kevin Durant.

  • It all comes down to him, and you can't get around that K D is going to get the credit for a championship or the blame if they fall short.

  • That is true.

  • K D is the best player on the team.

  • That is also true, and K D is the most important player on the team because he's an M V P caliber player.

  • He's the best that that important.

  • But he's not.

  • Miraculously, that's true.

  • The reason he's the reason the key player is DeAndre as this roster is currently constructed is like let's say they don't make a move by the deadline.

  • Could this roster win a championship?

  • Well, we know what we're getting from K d.

  • This is argument you frequently make.

  • We know what we're getting from Harden, who you're right is an unselfish player.

  • He's unfairly labeled as a selfish player.

  • Look at him averaging fewer points than the other two guys because that's what they need him to dio.

  • You know what you're gonna get from Kyrie.

  • He could be a knucklehead off off, you know, like, say ridiculous things that everything and sometimes dribble too much.

  • But he's a he's a star, He's an amazing player.

  • And Joe Harris, you know what you're going to get you even Jeff Green.

  • You know what you're gonna get?

  • The question is DeAndre Stephen A.

  • And the reason that's even elevated is if they are, like even if they get way better on defense, they become the 25th of the 22nd best defensive team.

  • That ain't gonna do it.

  • They might not even get out of the East, let alone win a championship like that.

  • There's a good chance they don't get out of the East.

  • They need to be much better.

  • And the key, the guy with the size, the athletic ability and the defense of chops, at least at times in the past to get it done is DeAndre.

  • Either he steps up and fills that role they need, or they're gonna have to go and get that.

  • And if those two things don't happen, this team is not getting to where they wanna go.

  • They won't even get out of the East.

  • That's why I'm staying.

  • DeAndre XKE.

  • Look what happened last night.

  • Even without K d.

  • DeAndre showed up.

  • Defensively.

  • Myles Turner is a very good get up.

  • Started playing at the pace is they're decent team losing teams like that.

  • They're not scrubbed with their decent.

  • They're supposed to handle their business.

  • Okay?

  • And yet you had a good night because you got you got trolled for stinking up the joint the previous three games.

  • But that doesn't make him the key player.

  • The key player is the dude that it rests on your shoulders.

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all of them are there because of Kevin Durant.

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Kevin Durant or DeAndre Jordan: Who is the key player for the Nets? | First Take

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