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  • you're talking about Belichick, the coach.

  • You're talking about Belichick, the accomplished coach.

  • I'm talking about Belichick, the GM getting in the way of the productivity of Dak Prescott.

  • I wouldn't wish that quarterback situation or anybody, and I'll bring up a point that I haven't brought up in quite a long time.

  • I did bring it up once before, but I haven't brought it up in quite a long time.

  • Max Kellerman.

  • Are we not willing to get to a point now, particularly, and Molly would co sign this.

  • I, I believe, have we not got to a point now that Tom Brady is one of seven championship who really wants to succeed Tom Brady and Foxboro?

  • I mean, who really wants that task?

  • Who wants that responsibility?

  • Because no matter what you do, no matter what you do, anything short of a championship is not gonna measure up to those folks there as well as it shouldn't.

  • I mean, they've been spoiled over the last two decades with the level of excellence that he's been able to put forth, obviously in constant with Bill Belichick to some degree, but as we've learned, give Tom Brady some weapons and look at what he'll do.

  • Bill Belichick didn't do that.

  • That's problematic.

  • And so when I look at it from that perspective, I say no.

  • The Patriots does not make sense for me right now.

  • Let Bill Belichick the G m, not the coach, because he has nothing to prove his a coach.

  • But let Bill Belichick, the GM, go out there and prove that what he could do is go about the business of surrounding the quarterback with the requisite weapons needed in order to be competitive, particularly with the Buffalo Bills on to come up the Miami Dolphins on the come up.

  • Okay, I look at it from that perspective and I say No way should Dak Prescott and Personal New England.

  • First of all, I did not co sign.

  • The fact that Bill Belichick can't do it is a G m.

  • If I co signed anything, it's that it does raise questions.

  • He's an imperfectly GM, and you have every right toe highlight that and put the spotlight on it and and scrutinize it.

  • But I'm not.

  • I'm not sitting here saying Bill Belichick is the worst GM.

  • Ah, lot of Gs passed on a lot of receivers in a lot of recent drafts.

  • We just said what he hasn't done.

  • I just highlighted what he had.

  • Belichick's Bill Belichick's record Bill Belichick's record is a G m actually looks very good.

  • The question now becomes, was that Tom Brady?

  • And I think to answer that question, he needs a quarterback now.

  • Have I ruled Cam out?

  • No.

  • But at this point, do I think that Prescott is an upgrade over Cam Newton?

  • I certainly do off course I do.

  • And furthermore, the idea of succeeding a legend.

  • I don't think that would intimidate a guy like Jack.

  • Not back.

  • Prescott.

  • Stephen A.

  • I think like Didi Gregorius replaced Derek Jeter at shortstop in New York, and the fans loved him.

  • He did great.

  • He wasn't success.

  • That would happen home right about that, more than DD.

  • Yeah, that's the kind of stuff that does.

  • Dad, listen, think about this Stephen A.

  • And we've talked about this during the anthem issue.

  • Did that, Prescott told the company line, even though it looked uncomfortable for him at times he did that.

  • Prescott is very aware of being the face of the franchise of his responsibility not only to the team on the field and the fans, but also to the franchise itself, even if maybe their wishes conflict with his.

  • To me, he's sort of the perfect patriot.

  • He's, and I would like to see what Belichick could do with a top quarterback not named Tom Brady.

  • And I'd love to see what that could do on a professional team like the Patriots.

  • Dak Prescott doesn't wanna go someplace where he's just another player.

  • And if there's an organization, is virtually guaranteed to treat you like you're just another player, it's the New England Patriots Because of Bill Belichick.

  • Doesn't want to quote unquote kiss the ring per se off Tom Brady.

  • He damn sure ain't gonna do it for anybody else.

  • Contractually, we know how many times Tom Brady has taken a pay cut, restructured his contract, etcetera, etcetera.

  • Dak is trying to get paid.

  • Dak is trying to say I'm a leader of a franchise.

  • I'm a face of the franchise.

  • This is what I bring to the table.

  • I deserve this amount of money, etcetera, etcetera.

  • That ain't gonna happen in New England, but Daniel Snyder will do it all right.

  • I'll leave you with this, uh, Dax cap.

  • It is 37.7 million this upcoming season, obviously, because he's playing under the franchise tag and there's two ways to look at it.

  • Fellas, are you replacing Tom Brady?

  • Or are you replacing Cam Newton?

  • And then the expectations might be E.

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you're talking about Belichick, the coach.

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'No way should Dak Prescott end up in New England' - Stephen A. | First Take

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