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  • all right, I want to get to the Nets.

  • Guys who lost to the Pistons last night?

  • They weren't.

  • They were without KD.

  • He won't be back until this weekend because of those covert protocol issues, But they also gave up 122 points.

  • Kyrie disappointed after the game.

  • Take a listen.

  • We're seeing it day in and day out where guys teams are coming in and punching us in the mouth early and we're playing catch up.

  • I don't think that we go out every single day of our lives and sacrifice the time in order to be average at anything, you know.

  • I know you don't wake up.

  • I don't know.

  • One here on this call wakes up to the average of anything that they do on.

  • We look very average, you know, And we have the talent that the eye test presents that we should be dominating way have the experience in terms of some of our guys that have been through certain things, circumstances to be able to battle through.

  • And we're dealing with a lot of the reality that we're putting this together on the fly.

  • Like we we are the team that the MBA put the most games on were the team that gets someone taken out during Cove it during the games where the team that has to deal with the refs were the team that is literally battling against so many odds that at this point, it's not even a reason to continue to comment on.

  • They are what they are and as a warrior that I am and that the energy that I have alongside my teammates, we just have to turn that corner, and we haven't done it yet.

  • But we will.

  • And I'm telling you, the league's gonna be on notice when that pretty candid there from Kyrie, Jackie and also a little thing at the end, the lead could be nervous.

  • When that happens, the Nets have dropped three straight.

  • What do you think is the biggest reason for that and how much of it it is?

  • Hey, Kevin Durant's not there right now, Rachel.

  • I feel like a broken record.

  • But I think everybody that's been talking about the Nets says the same thing.

  • It goes back to the defense.

  • Since they traded for James Harden, they have the worst defensive efficiency rating of any team in the league.

  • These guys are supremely talented, But when you let your guard down and play sub 500 teams to think, you could just outscore them every game, that's not gonna work.

  • Do you realize they allowed the Detroit Pistons to shoot 70% in the game last night from the paint?

  • You're not gonna beat any team when you allow it.

  • Do they miss Jared Allen?

  • Yes, they dio, but he's not coming back.

  • So start shoring up your defense if you wanna.

  • If you really wanna win a championship, it's it's time to do it now Stop talking about and do it well, you know, it's a It's a lot of things that come from Kyrie interview.

  • It's a lot of things that I could dive into.

  • When I look at the Brooklyn Nets and Jackie, you're right.

  • They can't stop the nose, a nose bleed defensively.

  • But when I look at them, Rachel and I look at this Brooklyn.

  • This team is one word that sticks out to me, and that's accountability because when you look at all the teams that formed the Big Three or went on to go on and win championships, or be contenders.

  • They bought in defensively, and they started with the Stars.

  • Even when I was in Boston.

  • Appalling and Ray Allen wasn't considered top notch defenders, but they bought in defensively because they knew the ultimate goal was to win the championship.

  • So I get it.

  • They may not have the personnel defensively, but it has to come from those guys holding each other accountable, along with Steve Nationalist coaching staff holding them accountable.

  • And look, I'm not in the film session.

  • I'm not in the locker room, but my eye test tells me from playing with superstars and being on championship contender teams and winning the championship that it's a lack of accountability there.

  • And when you watch teams like the Lakers, the Bucks that the Utah Jazz of the world that are at the top of the charts that are hanging their hats on the defensive end you could see the separation.

  • You see guys like LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell by me and defensively and being the head of the snake on the defense side of things.

  • So that means to tell me that they're getting held accountable and I'm watching this Brooklyn Nets team and they lack accountability.

  • Well, perk, though.

  • All those teams you just named are groups that have largely been together for a while, and you know as well as anyone how much continuity helps in this league, especially in this season, where everything is kind of thrown up into the air.

  • You heard Kyrie mentioned all of the INS announced and stuff that they've had to deal what they are, Of course, not the only team in the league that's had to deal with covert absences.

  • We just talked about the heat at length, but it is something that is a factor in what is going on.

  • I'm very curious to see if they bring him or help, because the trade deadline is March 25th.

  • There is certainly an opportunity for them to bolster, um, that roster defensively, and you have to think there's gonna be some players around the league who might be interested in joining this team as well.

  • So we will find out how that goes.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

all right, I want to get to the Nets.

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