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  • So I would like to advise G.

  • M's heading into this draft, and I saw Todd McShay is new list and it had four quarterbacks going in the first four picks.

  • And I think that I understand the risk that you want to take to get a quarterback.

  • But don't be fans GM.

  • And don't be stupid like do not allow your ego to getting away.

  • And have you convinced that you are gonna make the next Patrick Mahomes because he's not in this draft Because Patrick Mahomes has been in one draft.

  • There was no draft before Patrick Mahomes.

  • There's nobody like Patrick Mahomes after after draft, So if you are fearful that you're gonna be made fun of like the like the, um, bears for passing up on watching in my homes, put that away.

  • Don't do that.

  • And don't let that trick you into making a terrible decision and reaching for one of these quarterbacks.

  • Go with pencil.

  • All the tackles in the draft from last year, they bawled out.

  • Think about Beckton.

  • Worse, they want a Super Bowl, in part because Tristan words could play tackle at the level that he played.

  • So go ahead and get Pencil because most of these quarterbacks are going to be bad.

  • It happens every year.

  • We get all hyped up and excited.

  • We're going to the draft.

  • Were like, Hey is like, four franchise quarterbacks in this draft.

  • You know how many franchise quarterbacks are in most draft?

  • None.

  • So don't do it.

  • The tackle that we saw in a soul, the things that he did in college are going toe work.

  • All the tackles that went last year that had success, None of them are as good as he is.

  • So pick him up as soon as you can.

  • If you don't got Trevor Lawrence Goetzel.

  • Okay, I love this thought, and I want to bring some other.

  • I want to turn this into a conversation.

  • And Mike, Mike Tannenbaum.

  • I wanted to win this as well because you were a general manager.

  • It feels to me like there were two separate things that you're saying here, Dominique and one of them is that a lot of times.

  • And Mike, I'm looking right at you.

  • As I say this, I believe general managers make these picks out of fear, out of fear of losing their jobs, which do you think is the greater fear.

  • Taking a quarterback high, who doesn't work out or passing on a quarterback who does, which is the greater fear that GM is.

  • Go into these drafts with, yeah, taking your quarterback and he doesn't work out.

  • And you really need and touched on a little bit.

  • When you look at Todd McShay A's mock draft yesterday, it's a referendum of where we are.

  • Everyone's trying to get that quarterback greeny, and you're worried that all the work you do and you scour that's the verb you scour for a year.

  • And when it doesn't work out, you sit there.

  • You're like, What was wrong with our process?

  • So you're gonna be aggressive, you're gonna try to move up, and then you're really worried that what did we do wrong?

  • If this guy doesn't work out, I get it.

  • But I guess what I'm asking you is and look, I mean, in Chicago, they kind of hit both of these, right?

  • They they had the daily double.

  • They took the quarterback who didn't work out ahead of the guys who did, but which is the one that gets the general manager fired.

  • Mike Tannenbaum is what I'm asking you when you pass on Patrick Mahomes, which is what I think Nick is saying or when you take someone early and it doesn't work out.

  • I think it's early and it doesn't work out because when it doesn't work out, you're not winning games.

  • It doesn't matter how good Patrick Mahomes is.

  • It's about winning games.

  • And if you can't win with mixed Robiskie more times than not it send you home, Damien.

  • What do What do you think?

  • And Dominique is basically saying teams are getting quarterback crazy in the draft.

  • I see the point that he's making d would.

  • What do you think?

  • Well, man, it's hard for me.

  • Thio knock a guy who's, you know, glorifying the office line.

  • But it's a quarterback driven league, you know, as much as you talk about, you know, maybe not falling for, you know, falling for these type of guys.

  • But at the end of the day, the game is driven by the quarterback position, and if if you don't have one, you're in constant search of one.

  • You're in constant search of a franchise quarterback.

  • Read it with him.

  • Put up there, read that take a look at that can handle.

  • Put that back up there again because the last time the teams moved up, look at that.

  • The most recent top five quarterbacks teams traded up for Donald Travis Key whence golf RG three and Sanchez count the championships.

  • Those guys have one.

  • Add them all together and we all know that.

  • Well, I mean, once won a championship or his team won a championship without him.

  • But you know the point that we're making here, Dominique, I think your point is well taken.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, this is your job, and I understand that there is fear and doing it, but no one ever does their their job.

  • Well, if they do it fearfully So I think that you need to be brave and confident and select the guy that you think can impact your team, not a guy that you're afraid is going a guy that you're afraid is gonna embarrass you by going and being good elsewhere.

  • Most of these guys are not gonna be franchise quarterbacks.

  • That's just the way it is.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

So I would like to advise G.

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