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  • step from the outside.

  • Kyrie on the inside?

  • No, you know, right now, you know, close.

  • It's not close.

  • It's not close.

  • When you look at a guy like Steph Curry that took a living again and he was the like, the top dog.

  • He was the top dog by guess what when he and he was in the lottery every single year.

  • So don't come giving me nothing about No, not talking about who's a great wall.

  • Your feet come out just telling you.

  • I'm telling you because you brought up clutch moments.

  • Steph Curry bending those clutch moments C.

  • Max, The thing about you that I really don't like is that you always remember what happens in the finals.

  • But you forget what happened in the first round.

  • The second round, the third round.

  • All that is the makeup of winning the championship.

  • And guys are key in those rounds.

  • Steph Curry.

  • He have said time and time again.

  • Yes, he hasn't won the finals.

  • M v p.

  • And I'm okay with that, But guess what?

  • Up until the finals, he has arguably been the best player in the playoffs alongside LeBron James when he was making those runs and go to state.

  • So don't give me that.

  • But clutch because I didn't watch them here.

  • The DAG in New Orleans.

  • I didn't watch them hit a few daggers against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals.

  • But when we talk about the best shot maker ever the best shot maker ever, Steph Curry ranks up there with the best of them.

  • And right now he's the best shot maker in today's game, and he's the most efficient at the point guard position, especially the most efficient shotmaker in today's game.

  • Let let me tell you what I don't like about you.

  • Nothing, really.

  • I get I.

  • I enjoy you.

  • But the point is this perk.

  • The point is this.

  • You say I forget what happened leading up to the finals.

  • It's not that I forget that each round the importance goes up, the significance goes up.

  • If you talk about the most clutch moments, of course, they're gonna happen in the finals.

  • Second, most clutch will be in the conference finals and so on.

  • And what I'm saying is when, like one of the things in Cairo's favor, even though Steph shoots, it's better from the outside, and Kyra is better in the paint.

  • One of the things going in Cairo's favor is that in clutch moments through his whole career, you always felt very comfortable with Kyrie taking those shots.

  • Because, you know, performance wasn't gonna fall off.

  • Now Steph doesn't fall off anymore.

  • But for years there it was like, Where'd Steph shot go when you needed it most?

  • Let's be honest.

  • Yeah, You know what?

  • You know what, Charlie?

  • I know Stephen A is living right now because Listen, Max, you still haven't answered the question.

  • This is first take.

  • You can't straddle the fence.

  • Give us the answer.

  • It ain't stuff.

  • Tell me.

  • Step on the outside.

  • You're you know No, I'm going at you because you're straddling the fence.

  • I told you who was my?

  • Who was the greatest shotmaker Out of the two.

  • It's Steph Curry.

  • And it's not even a debate.

  • You are straddling the fence.

  • Who is the better shotmaker Max, Steph Curry or Kyrie?

  • Kyrie?

  • Irving is the better shot maker because he could do it on the inside better than Steph.

  • He can also do it on the outside and he's done it under pressure.

  • His whole career, always under pressure in the clutch.

  • Disrespectful.

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step from the outside.

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Perk rips Max for picking Kyrie over Steph as the better shot-maker: 'So disrespectful' | First Take

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/10
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