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  • Yeah, and we are back on the road today.

  • The battle bus is in full effect on we're coming to the high streets today.

  • We're coming to see you in Islington.

  • Were coming to see you in Camden.

  • My home borough.

  • Were coming up to Herring Gay.

  • We're going to Brent and we're going to Barnett.

  • We're going down those high streets.

  • So if you see this bus, honk your horn, go to my website, Brian from here in London and print out the posters and stick him in your windows, stick them on your car and, of course, share all of our social assets and videos and pictures on social.

  • Let me know you're out there.

  • Hashtag Brian for Mayor things Bus is trying to take my action right now, but it's all good.

  • Um, anyways, we appreciate you leave me your comment below and tell me what peru are you in?

  • What challenge do you face that I can help you with us?

  • The next mayor of London.

  • We got 84 days left in this race.

  • The current mayor, He thinks you're gonna vote for his party because your parents did.

  • And he's not out there.

  • Campaign and we're asking hard questions like What's going on with the knife crime, Mr.

  • Mayor, Last 72 hours in this city has seen 15 stabbings.

  • Two died on.

  • Those are the ones reported by the media.

  • We had a stabbing right here and a knife.

  • Crime happened right in the lobby of my building.

  • And, of course, young Sven Kazakh was stabbed 22 years old when he was out getting orange juice.

  • Leave me your comments.

  • Do you think that's acceptable for the mayor?

  • Also, tell me, do you suffer from an L T N in your neighborhood?

  • These air, low traffic neighborhoods and they're abomination.

  • They were created by the mayor for his green initiatives.

  • But what they do is they tax the citizens.

  • They increase emissions, they ruined businesses, and they make it hard for families to connect with each other.

  • It's frustrating.

  • They have not been rolled out well, and everyone I speak to when I was at a kneeling last week when I was in so many boroughs, they hate them.

  • They're frustrated with them, and it's one more sign the mayor is out of touch with the citizens of London.

  • The reason I'm on this bus every day is because I want to go out and see What are you struggling with in your burrow?

  • How can I provide solutions?

  • As the mayor, I have two jobs toe listen to you and to serve you period.

  • That's it.

  • Not serve some agenda.

  • Some party, some corporate donors, some backroom deal.

  • Whatever.

  • That's not my job.

  • My job is to get out there and find solutions to these problems.

  • Lt ends need to be put on hold.

  • They need to be completely rethought and knife crime.

  • There are so many things we need to do about that from better.

  • More police also investment in our communities.

  • So our younger Children have options.

  • I have solutions for all of this detailed on my website Brian from Marathon London.

  • So come check it out.

  • Also, we got our first volunteer call happened Thursday six PM UK time.

  • Go Thio our website You can get the link Sign up is a volunteer and I'll tell you how you can help us mobilize the Brian for Mayor Army.

  • We're making this happen, baby, we're going all the way to City Hall with your help and we're super excited So there you go.

  • Another day on the road.

  • Honk if you see us.

  • Put those posters out, share the word and leave me a comment below.

  • Thank you.

Yeah, and we are back on the road today.

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