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  • if you see a quarterback on this board that you like lucky you one of them, if not all, could be up for grabs.

  • Really, Starting now, if you want to get technical to help answer some of these quarterback questions we welcome in our NFL insider.

  • Dan Graziano and and Donna.

  • Deal with Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz could happen as early is this week.

  • Those air What league sources?

  • Air telling ESPN.

  • So what's the latest on this situation?

  • Yeah, it absolutely could happen any time.

  • If a team meets the Eagles Price to this point, no one has, and they've been asking a lot in return.

  • For once.

  • They don't want to just give him away.

  • They feel like he has value and should return.

  • Some Theo keyed.

  • Eight to watch is March 20th.

  • That is when a $10 million roster bonus is do Carson Wentz.

  • Obviously, if the Eagles or planning for him to not be on their team this year, they don't wanna pay that 10 million.

  • They would want his new team to do that, so the deal would have to be done by then.

  • That's probably as long as we can expect it to drag out, although, as Adam and Mort reported over the weekend, it really is the kind of thing that could happen any time.

  • If one of these interested teams decides to meet the Eagles Price and that March 20th date, that's about a month and a half from today.

  • With beating today being February night, they want to stay in the state of Pennsylvania Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, with a current cap hit of over $41 million for the upcoming season.

  • So what are you hearing about his future in Pittsburgh?

  • The Steelers have made it clear publicly that they cannot carry that cap hit, that something has to be done.

  • They have to have a conversation with Ben Roethlisberger about what that is.

  • Do they reduce his salary?

  • Do they extend his contract and reduce this year's cap?

  • It because he retire?

  • Do they have to release him?

  • There are tough conversations that the Steelers have toe have.

  • If this were any other team and any other quarterback, you'd say, well, they would cut him and move on and save the 19 million.

  • But it's Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers, and there's a relationship there that the team feels maybe worth preserving.

  • So don't be surprised if he's extended.

  • But also don't be completely shocked if we end up with a situation where he's no longer on the Steelers.

  • Big Ben turns 39 on March 2nd.

  • His 39 is much different than Tom Brady's 43.

  • If we're being honest about where the quarterbacks are physically in their career off the Dallas now quarterback Dak Prescott, the Cowboys in the third offseason negotiations, What more can you tell us about Dak finally getting a long term deal?

  • This kind of stands where it did last July, when talks broke off because the deadline passed.

  • The Cowboys and Dak Prescott side have had some conversations since the season ended, but really haven't made a lot of progress toward a new deal.

  • Each side knows where the other stands.

  • It's still an issue of the Cowboys wanting the longer term deal.

  • The five year deal for salary cap purposes and back wanting the four year deal get to free agency faster, and the Cowboys air telling that tax agent that they have to see what the salary caps gonna be before they could do anything that still remains to be determined.

  • March 9th is the key date here.

  • That would be the latest they could possibly franchise him, which they will absolutely do if they don't get him signed before them.

  • But the hope on both sides is that they can't in March 9th, a month from today, so plenty to discuss Dan Graziano with us for the latest on all things quarterbacks.

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if you see a quarterback on this board that you like lucky you one of them, if not all, could be up for grabs.

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