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  • ESPN draft expert Todd McShay, releasing his first round mock draft following the completed season.

  • He still has the Jags taking Trevor Lawrence with the number one overall pick, however, listen to this.

  • Todd has the Jets taking BYU quarterback Zach Wilson at number two, and he also has two trades taking place with the Panthers moving up to take North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance, number three and the Bears trading up to take Alabama quarterback Matt Jones with the 12th pick.

  • All right, so now it is only right that we welcome in the master of the mock draft, Todd McShay into the show.

  • And Todd, I'm sure after you release this, your social media has been absolutely blowing up because you have four quarterbacks being taken in the top five picks and five quarterbacks being taken total in the top 12 picks.

  • So how many of these quarterbacks do you really see its quality NFL starters?

  • Well, if you just look at it, Trevor Lawrence is kind of a one in a decade type of quarterback prospect and that that's why Urban Meyer took the job at Jacksonville and he's going to be the number one overall pick.

  • After that, there's a little bit of a gap, but I think Zach Wilson from BYU belongs at that number two spot.

  • Now the Jets have to decide.

  • Are they gonna move on with Sam Donald?

  • Are they going to move him out of town?

  • And if they move them out of town and get a trade, I think they stay it to and to exact Wilson.

  • If not, and they decided that Darnell's their guy moving forward after all the other dominoes fall, if you will, in terms of the veteran quarterbacks as we go through trades and free agency, then then I think they stick it.

  • Number two.

  • They wind up trading out of that spot, and they wind up getting a different player.

  • An additional picks.

  • They already have two first round picks this year, two first round picks next year.

  • So if Donald the guy, they move back and allow a team like maybe Carolina moving up from 8 to 2 to go get Zach Wilson.

  • So I think Wilson is firmly cemented in my mind in that number two spot.

  • After that, I think there is another gap, and that's where Trey Lance from North Dakota State comes in and then also Justin Fields from Ohio State.

  • They're very similar types of players.

  • I like Lance slightly more than Fields because I think he processes things quickly.

  • But both guys can extend their big, sturdy, durable, competitive guys who really could create and make plays as well.

  • So I don't listen.

  • It's never happened in the common draft era where we've seen four quarterbacks go one through four, so it may not happen this year.

  • Don't bet on it.

  • But what I'm trying to show here is the demand for quarterbacks and how teams could trade up to try to go get their guy.

  • Once we figure out where Carson Wentz goes, what happens with the Shawn Watson?

  • Does Dak Prescott leave Dallas?

  • Does San Francisco move on from Jimmy Garoppolo?

  • There's so many pieces in this puzzle to put together, but right now those are the top four quarterbacks, and then Mac Jones from Alabama is slightly behind those guys as the fourth here, if you will in the first round of quarterbacks.

  • The five quarterbacks that I have in this mock draft, well, if it happened this way to be astounding and yet even the fact that it's on your in your mock draft, I think, says a lot, Todd.

  • Every year it seems early on, we the prognosticators in your forecast, you know how many quarterbacks will be taken.

  • Maybe this guy is a day to guy.

  • Maybe this and And every year, it seems, as a draft approaches, the quarterbacks are moving up.

  • What I notice here on your list, it's not just the quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, offensive tackle, wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receiver, wide receiver, where the defensive end, you know, and then corners.

  • It's all about the passing game, it seems like, is this.

  • Do you expect this draft finally to be the draft, where it's just in plain sight like that?

  • You know nothing but quarterbacks and wide receivers and then the guys who have to cover the wide receivers?

  • Basically, yeah, Max, I mean that.

  • That's where the league is gone, right?

  • We're playing Morva spread out game.

  • You have to have a quarterback.

  • We all know that, and that's been the case for forever.

  • But you have to have guys that can go make plays, and this year there are three in my opinion that belong in the top 10 Jamaar Chase from L s u opted out this past season.

  • Go back and study 2019 tape.

  • He has the best traits, and by that I mean size, speed, ability to go up and make contested catches of all these receivers.

  • Devante Smith.

  • After Jaylen Waddle, his teammate got injured, Devante Smith stepped up and had arguably the best wide receiver year that we've ever seen in college football.

  • And I always compared to Marvin Harrison.

  • Skinny Legs doesn't look the part of the number one, but he just knows how to get open.

  • He finds a way Thio create after the catch.

  • He could get vertical, and he does a great job of working the middle of the field when they asked him to do so and then Jaylen Waddle from Alabama, his teammate, who got injured as I mentioned he's the most dynamic playmaker in this entire draft with the ball in his hands, reverses screens and also is a vertical receiver.

  • So those three guys, in my opinion, belong in the top 10.

  • We'll see how it all shakes out.

ESPN draft expert Todd McShay, releasing his first round mock draft following the completed season.

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Todd McShay has the Jets taking BYU QB Zach Wilson No. 2 overall in his Mock Draft 2.0 | First Take

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