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  • la Bella Balkan Tell you, it's not easy being the youngest brother in a famous family.

  • All you want to do is make your own way in the world.

  • But before you can even really get started, everyone's comparing you to your older siblings, pushing you into the family business.

  • And so one day you wake up and you're leaving decapitated horse heads in people's beds.

  • Wait, no, sorry.

  • That's Michael core Leone.

  • Anyway, the point is, Lemelle oh has had a lot to navigate for a long time.

  • There was the shadow cast by his brother Lonzo, who was drafted number two overall.

  • The even longer shadow cast by his father, who, after being a guest on seemingly every television show ever created, finally started a reality show of his own that debuted to 26 million viewers.

  • I don't know what any of you out there looked or acted like when you were a sophomore in high school, like LaBella was at the time, but I, for one, am very grateful.

  • I do not have 26 million people examining my every move.

  • There is also the matter of middle brother law Angelo getting arrested for shoplifting, which could have been treated is just a minor teenage indiscretion, except for well, when your family is famous, nothing is minor.

  • And so it snowballed into an international incident involving Donald Trump.

  • Oh, and then there was also the fight that LeVar got into over the coach at Lamela's high school, which ended in Lemelle.

  • Oh, having to leave his friends and everything he'd ever known to go play ball in Lithuania.

  • So that is a lot of other people's baggage to be carrying around before you even get the chance to figure out who you are yourself.

  • And yet, instead of being bitter or entitled or burned out, Lemelle oh not only made it through in one piece, he has become one of the brightest young stars in this bizarre MBA season, Driving a Charlotte Hornets franchise that had previously seemed eternally stuck in neutral.

  • Watching ball is just so much flat out fun.

  • He's gotten improv, improvisational style that makes everything constantly fresh.

  • His court vision is insane.

  • Remember this behind the back pass, two miles bridges that was ball in his very first pre season game.

  • Since then, ball in bridges have been turning basketball courts all over America into their personal and one mix tape tour, with Gordon Hayward also getting a healthy boost from ball as well.

  • And along the way, Ball has pushed his way into the starting lineup, become the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple double and last night tied a franchise rookie mark when he hit 73 pointers against the Rockets, outdueling Victor Oladipo to earn the Hornets a win.

  • Take a look at some of these shots.

  • I mean, just so nice.

  • Cool, calm.

  • The performance was all the more impressive considering balls pregame routine was disrupted by an issue with his cope it test.

  • Team officials had him stay home until it was cleared up, which means Ball basically walked into the arena, put on a uniform and started playing.

  • And, of course, it wouldn't be a breakout Lemelle a ballgame without an eye popping assist.

  • Check this out to beat the buzzer in the first quarter.

  • I mean, come on, that's ridiculous.

  • The performance was strong enough to get another round of Rookie of the Year talk going now on Lee.

  • Time will tell if Ball makes good on that, but in the meantime there is zero doubt about the way he is energized Charlotte as a franchise and made the Hornets must see TV.

  • You know, just when you think they're out, he pulls you back in.

  • Not bad for a little brother at all.

  • So perk you have established yourself is being firmly on the Lemelle o bandwagon.

  • How good do you think he can ultimately be?

  • Well, look, Rachel, listen.

  • You know, I was saying on draft night that the New York Knicks needed to grab this kid.

  • He was a superstar in the making, and he is showing that right now.

  • But look, when you look at this guy is about time that the head coach gave him the keys to the car because he's been ready for this moment.

  • He is show time.

  • He is possibly Has he possibly has the potential to be the face of the N B A in a couple of years?

  • He is a baby Magic Johnson in the making.

  • I cannot wait for fans all the way to be able to come back to Arenas because it is gonna be sellout crowds down there in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • He's everything that I thought and more, and he is just flat out box off.

  • Yes, he is box office, and he is playing extremely well.

  • If you think about if he has to work at the, as his brother has, who had to learn how to change his shot and come into this league and do some things different, he's gonna be fantastic because he reminds me of a Penny Hardaway type guy.

  • Tall guys, Skinny can do it all and think what Penny hardly used to do with shock.

  • And now he's doing this on the court, doing some fantastic, electrifying the crowd with his passes and be able to come and knock down.

  • Three.

  • He when he takes his shot with consistency, like he does, because sometimes he has a tendency to change how he shoots.

  • But when he shoots it like he did last night, he's gonna be a fantastic player in this league for a long time because he he has a huge queue for the game.

  • I love that comp to Penny and yeah, the fact that he's 66 and by the way, he might still be growing.

  • This kid is only 19 years old, so he's got a guard's game, but he's 6 ft six, which really helps him get where he needs to be on the court.

  • Very, very impressive.

  • We've said on the jump all season this is our league past team of the year because there's just so much fun to find on a night even when they're not on national TV.

  • And this kid is why I love seeing what he can.

  • Dio.

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la Bella Balkan Tell you, it's not easy being the youngest brother in a famous family.

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